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  1. What problems Wagerr solves?

- Control of bettors’ freedom to maximize bets/profits.
- No restrictions in terms of placing bets or cashing out.
- No blacklist.
- Best odds.

2. Wagerr specs and how this translates to English for non-crypto speakers?

- Details can be found at!crypto.
- For non-crypto adopters, it could be said that Wagerr offers its own economic model and employs an incentive mechanism not only for bettors but also for those who support the network at the technical level (via Masternodes and Oracles).

3. Why Wagerr is unique, better than the other betting projects and why it will thrive?

- The main advantage of Wagerr is its decentralized approach/feature, additionally there is a built-in mechanism to reward those who keep the chain alive by posting events and verifying results.
- Own blockchain provides flexibility in every sense of the word, from solving scalability issues to providing a governance model which will be used to shape the development moving forward.

4. Why Wagerr MNs are different?

- Masternodes in themselves are no different than others in the sense that a certain amount of $WGR is required in order to receive compensation for verifying and processing transactions.
- The setup is also very similar to other Masternode coins in which basic programming skills are required or via dedicated trustless and trusted services.
- The huge difference comes under the name of Oracles, which will receive an additional compensation on top of being Masternodes (48% of fees collected during a particular event and according to the fixed fees of the particular mode used for betting since there are 3 modes: Head to Head 2%, Multi User 4% and Direct Chain 6%).

5. How will Wagerr simplify the usage of crypto betting for mass adoption?

- The average bettor is used to being on the go and placing bets on their favorite events by means of a mobile app, therefore it is only natural that Wagerr takes that route and offers a very user friendly mobile app.
- Currently a Wagerr Android version (community made and Wagerr approved) is available here

6. Who is behind Wagerr? Backgrounds?

- The public team members can be found on at (bottom of the page), each image has a brief description of backgrounds and some link to social media accounts.
- In this day and age university titles and the likes do not mean as much as real life experience, specially when the experience is focused on the Blockchain ecosystem and correlated fields.
- The team is constantly expanding, so the list will grow as time goes by.
- The complete team of developers is not listed due to privacy reasons.

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7. How is/was Wagerr funded?

- Wagerr was funded during ICO in 2017.
- To quote our Director of Ops: “we broke the record for the most money raised in the Sports Betting Industry for an ICO/Crowdfund, at the time of our ICO in June of 2017. And we could’ve raised more if we didn’t limit whales, but we wanted to try to keep the project truly decentralized, even at the investor level.” >> total amount raised was USD $10,000,000.

8. Plans for exchanges?

- Already listed on 6 traditional and decentralized exchanges for $WGR coin, 2 peer to peer exchanges and 1 traditional exchange for $WGR token.

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9. What is/will be Wagerr marketing plan?

- Secure sponsorships with different partners in different sectors, naturally the majority will be related with the events being posted but at the same time others will come from outside of sports/gambling sector since we clearly understand the importance of reaching the masses all over the world.

10. What the governance of Wagerr will be like by 2020?

- Impossible to foresee, but what we know today is that our governance model is based on DASH’s model therefore it will be akin in the sense that users of the platform will dictate the future of Wagerr via voting/proposal mechanism.

11. Who are Wagerr’s closest competitors, how different are they?

- To be honest, there are no competitors at the moment because nobody is offering a decentralized solution, secondly nobody is offering their own blockchain either (even though some are making that move already after finally experiencing the perils of being on Ethereum).
- As for centralized solutions, just pick any ERC-20 gambling project out there.

12. What current partnerships Wagerr has and what will be its purpose?

- At the moment no partnerships have been disclosed to the public since those will be announced once the betting protocol is launched to the public.
- Nonetheless Wagerr has struck public deals with TorGuard and a few professional combat sports athletes.

13. Please explain and list Wagerr’s betting offers.

A. Head to Head Betting Process

The blockchain mediates bets between two players taking opposite sides on upcoming sporting events. The fee for an executed contract is 2% of the payout. 1% goes to the processing Oracle and 1% gets burned. Here is the flow of a head to head bet from start to finish.

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Step 1​. Oracles actively searching for new events inside supported leagues, always trying to build consensus for upcoming events. Consensus for a new event requires a supermajority; of the 2,000 possible Oracle Masternodes, 1,500 need to report the same event defined by the Event’s UTC Time, and their unique identifying codes.

Step 2​. User are able to view the posted events and place bets against existing posted bets or set a new line and matched amount (for a taker or bet partner to fill). Once betting pairs are determined to be complementary, a smart contract can be created and initiated on the Wagerr blockchain.

Step 3. ​Now that a smart contract is initiated, the development and burn portion of the fees within that bet contract are distributed and burned. (48% destroyed, 2% to Wagerr development fund) The Oracle Masternodes create transactions dependent on the two opposing bets predicted outcome.

Step 4.​ After the event concludes, the Oracle network relies again on supermajority consensus to determine the outcome of the event. This posting allows the contract to be signaled for resolution.

Step 5​. Once the bet has been signalled for resolution the winning bets are
processed and paid out accordingly. All non-resolved events in the issue of a tie or event never occurring the contract is resolved via the Oracle masternode network and both sides receive their bet back minus the fee. Once the smart contract is resolved the oracle who processes the bet receives their portion of the fee.

B. Multi User betting

To make it easier to find and fulfill more bets on low volume events, the system allows multiple players to be paired against a single bettor. This ensures that large bets do not require an exact match to forge a contract. The fee for this transaction is 4 percent. 2% of the fee goes to the Oracle processing the transaction and 2% gets burned. Here is the Flow
of a multiple user bet from start to finish.

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C. Peerless Direct Chain betting

In the final phase of major development of the token, Wagerr gives the player the option to forgo looking for a match and bet directly against the chain, using the chain itself to take their bet automatically. The fee for this transaction is 6 percent. 3% of the fee goes to the Oracle that processes the request and 3% is automatically burned. Here is the Flow of a multiple user bet from start to finish.

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14. Please share the tokenomics for Wagerr.

Check and video below.

15. Current network statistics and growth analysis?

- Very nice and thorough display here…

16. How much funds do the core team has in budget for development and marketing?

- The funds raised during ICO have been/are/will be dedicated to development, marketing, brand expansion, legal, consulting and accounting for the breakdown you can check the diagram below and … (page 31 or chapter 11).

- Additionally, and for continued support, under Fees Breakdown structure the Development team collects 0.6% of the 50% fees (keep in mind that the other 50% of fees collected are burnt.

17. What will the roadmap look like after 2018?

- Essentially very similar to the current roadmap in terms of milestones, however less milestones will be mentioned since even we have impressed ourselves with how much has been achieved behind the scenes thus far.
- In other words, the betting protocol (with Direct/On Chain betting) will not be the only milestone completed once the launch is made, a few current milestones will be revealed back to back to back.

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Thankful to Guillermo Manzanares and Wagerr team for their time, excited to share this Q&A about their project.

Is my opinion that Wagerr is an amazing project, but please DYOR before investing, do not trust anyone to do Fundamental Analysis for you, you are the sole responsible of where you chip in.

Really dig the concept of Wagerr where they completely take out regulatory bodies out of sports betting equation, and were they integrate masternodes as a key role as consensus agents that retrieve real world sporting event data and record the outcomes on the blockchain.

The team is conformed by experts on the subject, no amateurs here, with a shitload of years of experience, all veteran hard core hustlers.

A market this big, ehem… $400B in size…, I am betting on Wagerr.

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