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USC Investment Group: Intro

On my road of getting to know who is who in crypto-Twitter, there are personalities that are must follows, one of the few I have the privilege to interview has been @ZeusZissou and @FatihSK87, they own and run USC IG (crypto consultancy group for high earning individuals). They saw what I wrote about another paid group, and wanted me to give it a go and write about it.

Before getting in depth with USC IG, lets scrap the surface of crypto-groups (non-specific-project related). I have done my fare share of investigation of all kinds of crypto-groups, overall we got the following:

1. Three Musketeers: bunch of friends just crypto talking.

2. Pump & Dump: dumb-asses shilling coins for the quick buck. Whoever is currently in one, and reading this should stop reading right now. Nothing here will be of your interest.

3. Paid groups: these could be one of the following or a mix of them.

A. Signals: gives you the fish, you just have to cook it.

B. Educational: walks you through the fishing store, explains to you what is the best fishing rod for x-type of fish, takes you to the ocean, and teaches you to fish, so you can later do it on your own.

C. Consultancy: takes a long looks at you, and tells you:

“You are a big boy, you should complement your fishing, by luring bears with your fish, hunt them, make good use of that fur, sell it, invest in a boat, and go out to catch bigger fish, crab…” Rinse and Repeat.

USC IG, is a mix of the three types, inclining more to the last, that is why it is more expensive than most paid groups; this said, it is intended for high earning individuals, where you understand crypto, have an exceedingly good earning day job, would like to learn more, would appreciate some freebies, but mostly do not have the time to cherry pick.

Going more in depth and challenging what I had experienced in USC IG Slack for the past two months, went on to basically interrogate few members.

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Questions to USC IG member

This is the Q&A result:

  1. There are many pcrypto paid groups out there… why you picked USC?

I’ve tried 2 other groups before, they offered fast day trades with smaller profits. Also the channels were a bit crowded and too much unrelated chat going on. Was just not the right environment for me. I followed Zissou on twitter and liked his recommendations, time frames and his personal style of communicating so I signed up for a 1 month trial.

2. When you started the crypto fever?

I started investing in crypto in june 2016.

3. Mind me asking what is your annual revenue?

Well, I sold my income creating commercial property and put it in crypto. Since june 2016 this created a revenue of usd 900k for me.

4. Pros and Cons of USC?

Great personal advise on portfolio structure, excellent coin recommendations for mid-long term profits, timely sell targets. Also the other members seem to be quite experienced in crypto and contribute valuable information some times. Overall the chats in the channels are kept on the theme so it’s always interesting to follow. No cons but if they could expand their service to research and recommend ICOs that would be the icing on the cake.

5. Would you recommend USC to a friend or family? Why?

Already have and will do more.

6. What is it that you appreciate the most of USC?

Apart from making me big profits with their trade recommendations I appreciate their personal service via msg.

7. How much you pay in fees for USC?

0.8 BTC p.a.

8. What is the most important thing you have learned with USC?

I’ve learned to trust their trade recommendations. Personally I’m not interested in learning charting but I know people in here do. I trust the pro charting skills more than my own and that’s why I’m in with USC.

9. Talk to me about your best trade thanks to USC.

Well, I’m in since 4th of dec. I test traded with 10 coins for a start and at the end of dec those grew into 30 coins. My single best trade was buying NXT at 3500 sat and selling it at 13300 sat a short time after. 3.8x, thank you very much.

10. Out of your initial investment when you started USC, how much % wish has it increased?

Just my test trading account increased to 3x in this one month. The restructuring of my main portfolio also brought some extra $ value.

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Answers of USC IG member

What sets USC IG aside from most paid group is: Personalized treatment.

  1. They focus on 1 on 1 consultations, sometimes even over the phone.
  2. Help overlook and give opinion on portfolio structures.
  3. Focus heavily on teaching members about risk management.
  4. How trades should be setup. If its an edge to edge trade, or if its a breakout trade, or a bottom purchase.


USC IG it is not for regular Joe’s and Jane’s, entry ticket is quite steep. This is for people that can afford a full time, crypto-know-it-all concierge/adviser, that will cost you yearly low figure 5 digits. On the trade-off you get:

  1. Market Insights
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Video Education On-Demand
  4. Reports by USC Research
  5. 24/7 Global Support + Q&A

And most importantly, a prosperous diversification of of your wealth through crypto currencies.

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