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SwirlPay: Q&A

1. What is SwirlPay?

SwirlPay is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment plugin, meaning that the customer and merchant interact directly with each other. Taking out the middleman and getting rid of the processing fees.

2. Why SwirlPay?

SwirlPay does not charge any processing, transaction, maintenance or yearly fees. Which means that merchants who implement SwirlPay will be able to accept a wider variety of cryptocurrencies at no extra cost, resulting in a higher ROI (Return on Investment) per sale.

3. How was SwirlPay born?

SwirlPay came to life after we were unable to find a payment solution that fulfilled our needs. Our sister company Whopper was interested in accepting all currencies they had partnered with. However most of these currencies were not available on any payment platform. That is where we stepped up and started working on what we today know as SwirlPay.

4. How do projects get listed on SwirlPay?

Projects can fill out our listing form over at or contact us directly through Twitter @SwirlPay to get the process started.

5. Who is behind SwirlPay? Backgrounds?

SwirlPay is a daughter company of TheRamenFoundry a group of crypto enthusiasts who create services and products to help towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Our team consists of Developers, Designers and Marketing specialists. Find more info about our team at:

6. How is SwirlPay funded?

Swirlpay was a self funded venture to get the software in operation before we started accepting listings.

After launch, projects have the ability of integrating with us for a nominal one time fee. We wanted to release Swirl this way for a very specific justification. Our team has been in this space a while, and we’ve seen promised projects and software time and time again that has gone undelivered and money spent elsewhere.

We decided to build the software first. We do not charge customers or merchants to use our platform.

7. What data does SwirlPay collect?

Because SwirlPay is peer-to-peer all we do is connect customer to merchant, we do not and will not collect any data from either.

8. What is the business model for SwirlPay?

As we continue to grow our service, listing fees will help to improve the service over time, and be used to help market and grow Swirl.

9. How much does it cost to use/implement SwirlPay?

Our plugin is completely free to use for customers and merchants, we do not charge any processing, maintenance or yearly fees. We do have a one-time integration fee for projects who would want to get their

currencies listed on SwirlPay, we are running a pre-launch discount which lowers the fee to 0.6381BTC at current rates. (USD-BTC Rate = $6327)

10. Under what criteria does Swirl approve a coin listing?

First of all our team checks if their blockchain is compatible with our systems. We allow any project to get listed on our platform, however we will deny any application if we detect any sign of potential risk to our users and or platform.

If any of our listed projects is experiencing issues or is not maintained we reserve the right to disable or in the worst case delist the project from our platform to protect merchants and customers.

11. What does the roadmap of SwirlPay look like?

Create the most seamless payment solution for users. While we already have a fully functioning plugin at launch, our continued development of Swirl will include branching our service to physical merchants and mobile merchants .

12. What is SwirlPay Core team perception of current state of crypto, and what you guys think the future of crypto would look like?

When Satoshi first released the Bitcoin whitepaper along with the infamous code in 2008, the past decade has be rout with advancements, development, and countless projects attempting a wide variety of solutions integrating the blockchain technology to almost every sector of our society. Reshaping what it means to have economic freedom and what your money can do for you. While we have a lot of challenges ahead of us both in the societal perception of crypto technologies as well as the legality and government overreach of the space. We believe that not only is crypto here to stay, but it is here to improve the lives of the vast majority of individuals. With any new societal upheavals, they will always been met with challenges and opposition, but it is how we face those tasks that we will set a tone for the acceptance of our new economic world.

13. What are your concerns with the current model of crypto being used as a payment method?

Current solutions either charge exorbitant amounts meaning smaller self-funded projects simply can not get listed. Or the overall user experience is not up to par resulting in lower merchant adoption. We strive to make our service obtainable by anyone while still offering the best possible user experience.

Thankful to Swirl for their time, honored to share a tiny bit of their project, SwirlPay.

We are blessed to have joined crypto at this early stage, projects like SwirlPay that quickly adapts to market conditions, customers needs, and latest tech advancements have higher chances of succeeding on the long term, wish them all the best on this endeavor. Check ’em out!



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