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Sinovate: Q&A

Tamer Dagli — CEO and Founder

1. What problems will SINOVATE solve?

  • Infinity Nodes that control inflation by burning the coins required to set up a new node while still incentivising the node holders, providing stability and growth for the network.
  • FlashSend, lightning speed confirmed transactions in less than 3 seconds.
  • ShadowSend, anonymity through coin mixing with default 5 mixes.
  • Incorruptible DataStorage p2p Private Networking with DataSend option, just like sending coins.
  • Burning all transactions fees for lower emissions.
  • RSV, E-Governance with a 12 month revolving vote, with vote payments being burnt for fewer emissions.
  • Discord server has 4,570 members with minimum 1,000+ always online users.
  • Telegram channels have 8,500 members and the Telegram Russian channel has 2,355 members.
  • Twitter has 2,785 followers
  • Facebook has 2,000 followers
  • Regional channels also contain respectable member counts.
  • Second biggest use case of SINOVATE is the solution and use of inheritance in cryptocurrencies.
  • Give holders a right to take advantage of the network by voting
  • Since there is an upper cap on the maximum token availability, the value of the coins may go up because of the supply-demand equation.
  • How do the coins enter into the ecosystem and leave it?
  • How are investors incentivized for carrying the project forward?
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  • SINOVATE Medical use and privacy
  • SINOVATE Insurance
  • Government
  • SINOVATE Education
  • Go Green, Go SINOVATE

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