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@Yorkyor30444439 Twitter former profile picture, which is way better than current.

1. When/why crypto?

First time I noticed crypto was back in 2013, just a few weeks before the MtGox scandal. I didn’t buy any back then because the chart had the makings of a bubble. A few weeks later the crash occurred, and I decided to wait all the way until 2016. In this period between the crash and my entry I mastered TA & FA, well at least I tried to learn as much about it as possible.

2. What your first week of crypto looked like?

I started crypto twitter a bit later than the others, because I wasn’t that active on twitter anyway, I was focused on trading, fully. When I started this whole crypto twitter thing I only followed +/- 10 people, which were Cryptosqueeze, Tuurdemeester and Cryptobull and such. Only the crème de la crème. After a while I understood that there was a huge active community here on twitter, so I decided to expand my activities.

3. You are a young college lad, what is it that you do besides study, crypto, and shitpost on twitter?

Besides the things that you mentioned I am also trading tons of other stuff, I started with trading since I was 8 years old. Stuff like art, collector items and such are a few examples. I am also a part of the education committee at the university where I am studying. I am advising, together with the teachers from my Bachelor, about university related things. My university pays me for it, and I provide advice about the subjects which they think that are relevant.

4. Bitcoin outlook 2018 and beyond?

I am quite conservative and pessimistic about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for 2018. The main reason for this is the upcoming worldwide regulation attempts, law changes, and banning. In my opinion, this has a negative effect on the crypto market as a whole. When it is clear for everyone how this ‘grey’ area is getting regulated in the near future, I expect that most crypto projects will bounce back and are getting implemented in 2019. The shitty projects that needed high funding will run out of budget because of the decreasing liquidity, and wont be able to deliver their projects because they don’t have a working project up and running already.

5. What coin do you hold closest? Reasoning behind?

There’s not a single coin that I am holding the closest really, it’s a select group of a few coins based on their potential and unique game changing services that they are offering, example: ETH, KMD, BTC, DNT,VEN, and many more. This doesn’t mean that I am a permaholder of those projects, but I love to trade them because of price actions (same for coins like DASH, XMR, STRAT), and even when shit hits the fan it doesn’t matter to hold them longer because those projects deliver. I am also trading smallcaps, but I won’t mention them here, because those are high risk TA-based only trades.

6. Your TA skills are sharp, what 3 things are the most important jumping into a trade? Jumping out?

Well the most important thing about the trade is the entrypoint, for me this is a fait accompli, but many traders are blinded by fundamentals so that they are forgetting that their entrypoint is crucial to be profitable. Second is doing some good fundamental research, not only about investment X, but also about the upcoming events, you want to know the agenda of the folks that you are trading against. And third but not last, never let a winning trade turn you into a bagholder. When you made profit, you shouldn’t take it for granted. It is better to exit with money into your pocket, than having regrets & tears into your eyes.

7. What ICO’S you participated last year, which will you participate this year? How did that work?

I barely participated in any ICO’s last year, simply because I was mainly focused on price action only, there are a few gems I bought in, I prefer to keep them secret. So far the ICO’ s I did participate in went great in terms of gains. This year I will be a lot more active buying/investing/advising when we talk about ICO’s, simply because it’s a hot item which huge potential for both investors and the people that need the funding for their project. Anyway ICO’s are high risk investments, never go all in at an ICO, I know some guys that did this and they lost a shitload. Anyway we like those risks right? High reward, high risks, it’s how we do it.

8. How do you diversify your crypto gains into assets, wealth?

Back in 2017 I didn’t do much to diversify my wealth, I like to centralize my investments. I know certain ways to be both flexible and being able to centralize your investments. For me this is the key to success. At the end of 2017 I started to diversify my wealth into fiat, and other traditional ways of storing value. So far this was an excellent move, my portfolio is still at its ATH, so I am fine with this. That said, key point is being flexible. Be dynamic, more than anyone else.

9. Your favorite crypto personality? What would you do different from him/her?

This is a hard one, my favs are Crypto_rand, Beastlorion, Drei4u, Cryptologist, OBB_333, CryptoBully, StartaleTV, BitLord, Cryptopath and CryptoBull, and of course many more. Most of those guys deliver great content, and are great persons in general. Bully and I started at the same time here @ twitter, CryptoBull & BitLord were the persons I followed since the beginning, 0 regrets doing that. Beastlorion is probably the trader that has the same trading style as me, we share the same opinion and TA choices most of the time. He’s awesome. Cryptologist is one of the best guys around on twitter, his content is great also, same for Cryptopath. OBB_333 is the dank meme king, not everyone likes his humor, but he makes my timeline a lot more fun every day. What would I do different from all those guys? A hard question also, those guys are really smart and so successful. I probably would be more flexible, and show less affection to the investments and trades I make.

10. Your least favorite crypto personality? What would you do different from him/her?

This must be Bitfinex’ed. The guy is 100% toxic. Following him is like shooting yourself in the foot, its bad for any trader because it is all distraction. I would shut down Bitfinex’ed twitter account, and never coming back if I was filled with such hate. He is completely blinded and wasting not only his own time, but also the time of many others.

11. Who will be Ethereum legitimate contender?

Not a single project matches Ethereum at this moment, Ethereum Classic and NEO, QTUM, Cardano, they don’t have a chance. Maybe with 5 years from now Cardano could compete with Ethereum, but 5 years is a long period in crypto, and Ethereum won’t sit on its hands either. It will be decided on the capability from the dev teams, there are some projects having this potential indeed, but they are moving too slow to surpass Ethereum. For now they are all trying to ‘catch up’ with Ethereum instead of having the power to really challenge it. It needs time, the situation will be different within a couple years, but not short-midterm.

12. Top 5 mistakes in crypto that will lose you a shitload of money?

-Not being flexible
-Chasing big green candles
-All in without doing research
-Not knowing the difference between a pullback, and dip and a crash
-Buying shitcoins without checking the yearly chart, example: TRON, XVG, DGB, ADA.

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@Yorkyor30444439 Twitter current profile picture, nice hand sketch.

If I were to take a leap back in time to my college years, I would like to be like @Yorkyor30444439. The brother has serious skills.

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