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1. Who is Wolf, what is his background?

Wolf is the new, professional version of “WolfOfPoloniex”. In order to move onto new business developments I am working on/with I figured that I should rebrand into a more legitimate, friendlier version online. I will be spreading onto more social network such as Facebook, YouTube, Medium and Reddit. I planned on rebranding a while ago, but anyone who knows how I function, know that I can be quite the procrastinator… as I’m sure you know from dodging this interview for over 6 months, haha. The recent ban of ‘WolfOfPoloniex’ helped force my hand into my rebrand. I felt that it was necessary to create a new account anyways since I wanted to unblock all of the people I blocked as well as delete all of my previous ‘noise’ from my entertainment posting. Creating a new account just simplified it all since I don’t know if it’d even be possible to do that all easily.

2. Why your handle @WolfOfPoloniex was suspended/banned?

People will say that I screwed over my ‘subscribers’, which I find pretty comical since no one ‘paid’ me for any of my posts on Twitter, but in all honesty… I just wasn’t ‘nice enough’. The e-mail I received said that it was because it was due to ‘hateful conduct’. Anyone that was a follower of @WolfOfPoloniex would know that trolling was a regular entertaining aspect of the character… however… some ‘carebears’ just couldn’t handle it. As far as the ‘screwing over people’, I repeatedly posted to ALWAYS “do your own research”, that I am NOT your vehicle to riches and even posted my ACTUAL outlook on the market before the troll post. So all-in-all, I’m not too worried about it. If someone did lose money, then I do apologize but at the same time think of it as a lesson well spent. If you lost money on that post, I can guarantee you that you would’ve just lost on blindly following someone else’s post. Stop trying to blame myself/people for your own actions. We do not execute the trades for you!

3. You have been absent for quite a while, what have you been up to for the past month and a half?

Indeed I have. I was going through a some challenges in life towards the end of 2017. To start things off, I was working 15–20 hours a day. Due to this, I stopped working out and eating properly which triggered my anxiety + depression disorder. Not only can Daytrading cause some extreme anxiety, but I suffer from ‘major anxiety & major depression disorder’. I would literally stay up all night babysitting trades underwater and then couldn’t go to sleep after I finally closed because I was going through a panic attack as I tried to sleep…. It wasn’t very fun. Another trigger to my mental health was the fact that I went through my worst losing streak, ever. $BTC Simply wasn’t predictable and went through the crazy FOMO rally that said ‘Fuck TA’ and everything I had ever learned/use to make my living… this caused my biggest losing streak that I have ever gone through which made me even more unstable. To put the cherry on-top, I broke up with my girlfriend and then published a negative article about my losing streak and it just seemed like the entire community was ‘up in arms’ against me. Feeling like I had no room to breathe, I realized that I needed an change to break away from the prison cell I had constructed for myself…

…. So, I decided to go on vacation & move to Thailand. I also wanted to completely quit the Crypto community since I felt that it was more of a distraction than anything else. Afterall, I considered myself a success before I even made a Twitter and still consider myself a success. People think that my old trading group was the key to my success, when in reality it only made a fraction of my day trading gains. My friends convinced me to just give the community a break and go on vacation to come back in full force… however… I think I had a longer vacation than expected. I spent a substantial amount of time & money partying in Pattaya, Phnom Phen and Bangkok but have finally tamed the animal in me and am ready to get back into a routine… thus, a rebrand was in order.

4. Crypto is a high stress high reward environment, saw few months back you had an anxiety episode. How you managing that anxiety?

Lol funny… just talked about this in the last question. Well, to be honest… I’m not. However, ever since moving to Thailand and working A LOT less hours, I have been extremely stress-free. Unfortunately I still do take about 0.25MG of Xanax before bed to make sure I don’t have any anxiety attacks but so far I have not had any emergencies. To get off of these VERY bad medications, I will go back into training and do an entire routine which I plan on blogging online. The only thing stopping me right now is that I have been traveling a lot for different work projects so it’s been rather hard to stick to a routine and / or go to the gym.

5. No more shit posting? Hard to believe!

Indeed. I had a pretty funny time shitposting. I would sit and laugh going through my phone/threads or whenever I’d post as this ‘fake’ asshole character online. To be honest, it is mostly just an ‘alter-ego’. I am actually a pretty nice guy in real life and do believe in Karma. I know I can show some tough-love at times, but the stupidity you find online could be damn-right mind boggling. Anyways, I am working on more corporate projects and noticed that I hit a cap on my social growth, so my new persona, Wolf will be a lot more professional within the community.

6. “Exit all the crypto markets” we all know that warning, isn’t there a better way instead of actually exiting?

If you have the ability to, then you can short the market. This requires margin trading.

7. Why you avoid margin trading?

Margin trading requires a large amount of experience to continuously make gains. I highly do not recommend it towards any newbies. I even got BitRekt due to the markets not following Technical Analysis which is what I mostly trade off of. Those Black Swan events are almost impossible to predict and can basically get anyone rekt, so risk management is definitely needed. However, I still margin trade.

8. What those long term bags look like?


9. Roger Ver or John McAfee? Why?

John McAfee, because I can relate to his level of insanity.

10. Charlie Lee or Barry Silbert? Why?

Charlie Lee, because I have Yellow Fever. ❤️

11. ZEC or XMR? Why?

Meh…. I guess XMR. Idk, I don’t really care for currency coins to be honest. I trade to make more BTC to make more USD, when I need it.

12. Are ICOs good idea for investors 2018 onward?

From what I’ve been reading, the ICO frenzy has continuously been growing… just in the background.. ;)

13. 5 must’ for crypto people?

1. Do Your Own Research ( #DYOR )
2. Never FOMO
3. Never PANIC
4. Learn Technical Analysis
5. Get plenty of sleep & set time aside to live a normal, healthy life.

14. 5 don’t for cypto people?

1. Don’t buy something simply because of someone’s post. ( #DYOR )

2. Don’t think that you are a genius because you made (xxxx)% gains in less than a year. Remember that a monkey beat over 4,000 professional traders during the DotCom bubble through just sheer luck. (Google it if you don’t believe me).

3. Don’t blame others for your own actions, even if you were influenced by something / someone. I know it can be hard… trust me I felt this when I exited a trade which would’ve netted me 200+ BTC in gains, but I knew I was the one to push the button.

4. Don’t believe everything you read online. This actually goes for almost all of life, however it is especially so in the Crypto Community. Everyone has an agenda behind all of their posts, whether it’s trash-talking / shitposting other community members or shilling something…. Remember that.

5. DON’T GIVE UP!! I have wanted to quit everything almost 6 or 7 times now but always end up coming back bigger… badder… stronger… Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger… especially in the game of $Crypto.

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Wolf, …man … either you love him, or you hate him. Probably the loudest voice in crypto, guy with solid charting skills, opinionated as only he can be, yet manages to filter out all the bullshit that comes out of overwhelming success at his age; challenging for most, “easy” for few, but nobody is walking in his shoes, only him. Long live the Wolf.

If you enjoy the read, follow me on Twitter, is good for Karma.

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