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Community of cryptocurrency & blockchain enthusiasts

1. Who is @TheCryptoFam, what is their background?

We are a community of individuals interested in crypto and emerging tech. Our main channels are Twitter and Facebook, but we are also on Instagram as well. Our founders have backgrounds in finance, digital technology, startups, and consumer psychology. Our internal team consists of consultants, traders, small business developers, technologists, and salespeople.

2. What is @TheCryptoFam currently working on and what are plans for 2018 onwards?

Oh boy, where to begin.

For starters, we are seeking to expand our network as much as possible. The growth we’ve seen on social media has been awesome and we have no plans on slowing down there. We want to add as much free value as possible to the space. It’s something we’ve been committed to from day one.

That said, we are monetizing in other ways. We recently opened a marketing & project development consulting firm for blockchain and emerging tech companies. Our goal is to help quality projects find an authentic voice in the space and be successful. We only want to work with the highest quality projects that have the right values.

We are currently working with an upcoming crypto exchange, Beaxy, to help them with their approach to marketing and the crypto community broadly. We are working with a few other clients right now as well, including Crypto Key Stack, a steel cold wallet storage device. In both of these cases we met the founders personally and were compelled by their vision.

We also have a few more tricks up our sleeve. Namely, we’re looking at doing a podcast and also at developing our own blockchain project in the coming months. Stay tuned!

3. What first month of crypto looked like?

This answer surely differs for all of our members but I can say we were all extremely excited about the prospect of cryptocurrency when we got in, and we still are. Bear market aside, this is a very exciting field.

4. What’s day job like?

It differs day to day. We like to think of ourselves as a ‘whatever it takes’ kind of group. We talk internally on our slack every day and coordinate on what’s going on in the crypto space. We create memes and conduct market analysis. We manage our social profiles. We put together our threads, which have gained some significant publicity recently. We interface with our clients, read whitepapers, and work on projects together. Those are some of the major things.

5. What was your game-plan to go full time-crypto?

To be honest it just happened. It wasn’t necessarily our plan to go full time in crypto when we started, we just wanted to create a community that could help us gather information. We figured it would be easier to be successful if we had a community so that’s what we did. As we gained momentum it became clear that we could go full time, so we created a consulting business model to do so.

6. How your execution differed from your plan?

Our initial plan was to just run our community, sell a bit of merch, and call it a day. But we quickly realized we could use our skills and consulting experience, as well as understanding of the market, to help out crypto projects. So we had the flexibility to pivot into a new business model, a consultative one. In reality, this is just the first stage of our evolution. We have big plans for the future.

7. Please add below your favorite Twitter personality according to income streams from Crypto:

•Mining — @notsofast
•Staking — @needacoin
•Paid groups — Bitcoin Bravado
•Training courses — Baby Pips, and @cryptocred
•Advisory — @Noahsarkcrypto gives great calls, @ILikeCharting provides solid trading education
•Content marketing — Crypto Humor on Instagram
•Paid writing — 21 Cryptos
•Podcast — Crypto Street Podcast

8.What shitcoins you hold currently?
$BAT, $ZRX, $DRGN, $SPHTX, and $AION. Keeping our bags light at the moment.

9. Worst shitcoin you ever held?

Definitely $PAC. Bought it as a low satoshi gamble when everything was pumping. There were something like 100 Billion in circulation. Just garbage.

10. Best shitcoin you ever had?

Probably $ZRX. We all know it’s not a matter of if, but when for an easy-to-use, widely adopted DEX platform. Bought it before its big run in the spring and rode the Coinbase hype all the way to the top.

11. What those long term bags look like?

Long term bags are the 5 listed in question 8, with the addition of $XMR and $BTC in cold storage. The market-wide correction has the potential to last much longer, so we are holding very few bags and averaging down when we get the chance.

12. Are ICOs good idea for investors 2018 onward?

We will see. We think so, depending on the context and the business model of the ICO. The age of raising 50 million on a whitepaper is probably over. Increasingly, crypto investors will value working products and viable business models to invest in.

13. ZEC or XMR? Why?

That’s tough. They’re both good projects. We’ll go with Monero for now, because it’s more decentralized and wasn’t created simply to enrich its founders. ZCash will be the better buy within 5 years when the emission schedule slows down and the founders reward expires. A lot of institutional backing will ensure ZCash is successful, so it’s definitely a long term HODL.

14. Jihan Wu or John McAfee? Why?

John Mcafee. He may be insane but he’s got personality. Jihan Wu represents significant centralization and that’s no bueno.

15. Charlie Lee or Craig Wright? Why?

Charlie Lee. This one should be obvious, Craig Wright is a sociopath who has been caught lying countless times. Nothing he says is credible.

16. Roger Ver or Barry Silbert? Why?

Barry. At one point, Roger was actually a respectable ambassador for Bitcoin, and then greed went to his head. As the founder of Grayscale Investments, Barry has done as much as anybody for helping crypto gain institutional acceptance.

17. Any interest in Mining or POS/MN?

We have our own mining driven education project we’re working on called MinED. Stay tuned for more on that. Also, we’ve brought some mining experts into our Slack group to help consult those interested in mining.

The @TheCryptoFam is like an influencer on steroids, many sharp brains working together, plus the backup of the community they have built. On Twitter they have 17k followers, achieved in only 7 months.

Really like their content and TA they share on Twitter, check them out.

If you enjoy the read, follow me on Twitter, is good for Karma.

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