1. Who is Nye The Crypto Guy, what is his background?

Who am I? Well I am just a dude who’s talking about stuff online and talk about cryptocurrencies online. Something that has caught my interest over the last few years and something that I really believe is gonna be the future of the financial industry and many other industries. So yeah, that’s why I’m here.

What is my background? I’m always been interested in tech. I was making mobile applications before I got really into cryptocurrency and things like that. Spent a lot of time in the mobile app industry also did a couple of other things in my background. You know I used to make music, I used to meditate, teach meditation and things like that. Travel the world and I wasn’t really certain on what I want to spend large amount of my time doing until I got heavily into the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and I
realized that this was it, this is where I want to spend my time, this is where I wanna spend my energy and it was time really to put full force and full effort in the one thing.

2. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2018 onwards?

Good question dude. I’m working on a lot of things right now so obviously I had my brand Nye online that I speak a lot about different topics in the cryptocurrency realm. And I also started a company over the last 3 months called Elevated District. That is a social media consulting firm. What we do is we consult other crypto startups on how to be effective in the social media space. How to create a legit community and organic community and how to build a following without buying a bunch of followers or buying bots for your
telegram. Pretty much how to help people care about what you are working on without trying to force it or things like that.

Besides that. I’m travelling a lot and Im working on a really cool video series with the man digital Laurence who I met up in Bali a few months ago and we are working on a really cool video series together about the lifestyle of cryptocurrency and the lifestyle of travelling to all these conferences and what we do and kinda more of the glamorous side of things instead of the trading side of things. Finally, I am doing a lot of speeches so as I travel , I get to go and speak in front of people and I actually got just offered to do my first Keno speech in Dubai for the World blockchain Summit in Dubai at the end of October and Im really, really excited about that.

3. What your first month of crypto looked like?

Oh man! My first month of crypto was bad man I lost everything. So I guess, I should note that I first bought Bitcoin in 2012 2013 bought some Litecoin when it first came out as well but these were not things that I thought of store as value or investments. These were things that we were just playing around
with in college. Using to buy things on the internet and yeah that was really really the only reason that we were using Bitcoin back then.

But when I first really get into crypto in 2017 and really actually started trading cryptocurrency it was a massive wreck. I lost all my money in my first month of trading crypto. Literally everything got pumped and dumped on, got scammed and I just didn’t have the strategy so it was a big big learning curve. And yeah it was bad. I will probably talk more about that later in this interview.

4. What’s your day job like?

This is my day job. Sending tweets, working with different companies in relation to my crypto start up company and travelling, constantly travelling, constantly making videos, constantly putting out new content like this is my day job. It’s what I do every single day, every single hour of the day, and yeah I don’t sleep much anymore except for the rare occasion where I just pass out for 12 hours and wake up and get right back to work.

5. What was your game-plan to go full time-crypto? As you recently went from full time corporate to full time crypto.

Man! My plan to go full time crypto is just do it. To be real, I was working on a day job couple of things that happen in my life and I was just in a place that I just didn’t like. I was miserable, I was not happy internally and things were not happening at the phase that I wanted them to happen. Now I dont think
anyone should ever rush where they are and that, not what I did at all.

I just said that I am sick of it , I’m fed up and I wanted to do something different. So I started to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies, I started spending hours and hours and hours doing so. And that was really my game plan, and fu*king did it. And yeah it was hard at first, and yeah it was financially uncomfortable and things like that but through all my life I have been in alot uncomfortable situations and its nothing new for me to be in some place that’s uncomfortable and the uncomfortability is the place is where the growth happens so I just did it.

6. How your execution differed from your plan?

So at first my plan, I really didn’t have a plan. I just started executing and just started trading coins and didn’t have any investment strategy which is why I got wrecked so bad in the beginning and why I lost all money in the first month because I literally didn’t have no plan at all. And yeah it was brutal, I got really really wrecked, it really sucked and I realized I needed to have strategy. I need to have a plan. I need to be patient. I need to learn how to actually make investments so after I got wrecked in that first month I had a
little bit more money come in from other sources. Thankfully that came in right at the right time and I said you know what, I’m gonna put all this fu*cking into crypto. I wanna build a strategy. I’m gonna take at look at
my investment and really say where I wanna put this investment and I did.

And once I did that, things were looking much much better. Was making much better trading decisions, I was taking profit at the appropriate time. I wasn’t going all in one coin. I wasn’t trying to rush it and make a million dollars the next day. I was okay with making a few hundred dollars or even 50 dollars a day and things like that. The better I got at that, the more money I made. The more money I secured and profits. The more money I was able to invest and make better decisions with those investments and yeah I worked out well. So you asked, so you took a leap of faith and ask how is that coming out for you? Its coming out well man. Its coming out really well. I’m really, really grateful for every place that this has taken me so far I’ve really got a cool vision that I’m excited to share with the world when the time is right. It came from something that was only about making money to now it's about making a legacy. It's about making and creating something that’s bigger than myself and investing my time and energy to help an industry move forward. An industry that I really believe in move forward which is the coolest part.

7. You took a leap of faith, how is it coming out for you?

8. Please add below your favorite Twitter personality according to income streams from Crypto:
Probably @nondualrandy, and @cryptochrisw. Those 2 guys are doing some cool stuff in the mining realm. Shoutout @gethoneyminer really cool project that they are working on so shout out to them.
Probably @cryptomocho. I mean @cryptomocho is in the staking a lot and into masternodes and cool things like that.
•Paid groups:
I don’t really know much about paid groups to be honest with you. I don’t really know many people that have paid groups so its hard for me to say.
•Training courses:
I guess I’ll shout out @Crypto_Bitlord in training courses, although it's technically not a training course. He’s got the cool trading challenge going on. Really liked that stuff.
Shoutout to Pumped for advisory. He’s kinda like the spokesperson of crypto in a way, in a good way. He’s always got some positive sh*t to say and I really liked that so shoutout Pumped.
•Twitter ads:
Man you can get me in trouble with these questions Bro. I don’t know about twitter ads man. I’m gonna pass on that one.
•Content marketing:
@koreanjewcrypto, shoutout @koreanjewcrypto content marketing man. He’s always putting out fu*cking solid content. He’s always dropping some cool new videos. He had a whole cool new video series
or is interviewing some really cool people. Really liked that sh*t. That was cool.
I’m a shoutout @REKT_Podcast with @womenofcrypto and a couple of other guys in there. These guys are really killing it. I was on their podcast, really liked what they are doing. It was really really bada**.

9. What shitcoins you hold currently?

Man! Right now I’m in a couple of coins. I mean like Nexo, I’m in….. let me actually just pull up my portfolio here one second. I’m in Nexo, I’m in Quant Network, I’m in Hero Node and those are like my top 3 holdings. I have a little bit of Axiom chain for when they announced masternodes, I was really stoked on that. Now it's just hell a wreck. I'm in Haven Protocol XHV. I got a little bit of Oyster Pearl. Oh I got Pundi X, shoutout to Pundi X, I really think that’s a sickas* project that has a lot of potential so yeah shoutout to Pundi X. Really cool sh*t they’re doing. Got this thing called Hashgard. I don’t know if you have heard of Hashgard, its G-A-R-D. Another really cool project.

10. Worst shitcoin you ever held?

Damn! Good question. Worst shitcoin I ever held was probably Potcoin man. Potcoin got me hell a wrecked. Just hell a wrecked. F*ck potcoin man.

11. Best shitcoin you ever had?

I did well off decent amount of sh*tcoins. I mean Origintrail did me really really well. Multiple times did me really well. So shoutout to Origintrail. I’ll just shout that one out. There’s too many for me to really choose though.

12. What those long term bags look like?

Long term bags man, Ravencoin. I love Ravencoin. I think that’s got a huge huge potential. Besides that, I not really fu*king with the kinda long term bag. Besides that I would say fu*king Bitcoin man. You know Bitcoins the long term player.

13. Are ICOs good idea for investors 2018 onward?

I think ICO’s have their time man. I think they have their time. I think it's a pick and choose scenario if you can get into something in a private sale that’s very hard to get into, then f*ck yes, get into it, do it! If you are buying into ICO’s that anyone can get into and are not selling out in the first 2 minutes that they’re live, then I wouldn’t even f*cking choose that man. I wouldn’t even f*ck with that. That’s my opinion on ICO’s.

14. ZEC or XMR? Why?

Man, I don’t really know enough about those either of those to comment to be hundred percent honest with you. I don’t really fuck that much with large cap coins so I don’t really know too much about those 2. I know that couple of people on twitter really like them though.

15. Jihan Wu or John McAfee? Why?

I'm just gonna choose John Mcafee. Do I like the guy? No, not really. Is the guy fucking entertaining? Yeah! He’s hell a entertaining. I don’t want to speak too much on him but yeah, he's an entertaining figure in the crypto realm. Is he good for crypto? I don’t really know. It's hard to say but he's entertaining and always doing some crazy ass shit so.

16. Charlie Lee or Craig Wright? Why?

I think obviously Charlie Lee. I think Charlie Lee has been a huge component to the crypto space. Adding a lot of value, things like that. I had lunch with Charlie at Consensus. Really cool guy, really dug what’s he’s doing and yeah! Shoutout to Charlie Lee.

17. Roger Ver or Barry Silbert? Why?

I am just gonna shoutout Roger Ver. Do I like Roger Ver? No! Do I think he’s valuable? No, but I think the way he interacts with people is just wild man. I mean this dudes fu*king nuts like he’s crazy. Like he really like believes some crazy ass shit and wont take shit from anyone. So if there’s anything I would
respect Roger Ver for which is not very much but if there was something it would be not taking shit from anyone. And really believing in what you believe in. Even though I don’t like believe in it and like Im not a fan of it or vibe with it, he really fu*king believe in it which is wild.

18. Any interest in Mining or POS/MN?

Yeah man. I do have some interest in mining and masternodes. I haven’t got heavily into mining yet at all so that’s something that I really want to touch on in the future. Masternodes man, masternodes I’ve got some eyes on some of them man. They look really cool and they’re hell a low right now. It would probably be a really good time to start picking up some masternodes but yeah that’s kinda it.

So those are all the questions. Panamacrypto , you’re the man. Shoutout to you. Really appreciate you reaching out for me with all these questions and as always, it's your boy Shill Nye, I’m out!

Thankful to my boy Nye for sparing his time for this Q&A, really appreciate it.

Gotta give it to him, he is very eloquent, likeable and nimble on his feet, always at where the action is, made a drastic change of career, and now we have the pleasure to share this realm with him.

I can only add that Nye is one of the coolest cat in crypto, always has some wise words to share, really eye opening to see this crypto sphere through his eyes, we can all learn something from the cool kids.

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