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1. Who is @MalwareTechBlog, what is his background?

I’m a developer who used my knowledge of programming to pivot into malware analysis and tracking.

2. What is “WannaCry”? How you managed to stop it? Did you knew what you were doing, or you were testing by trial and error?

It’s a piece of ransomware which propagates using an exploit, allowing it to spread from computer to computer with no user interaction. I was able to stop it by registering a domain embedded in the code which it checked to decide if to exit or not.

3. Can you explain in detail, why you cannot leave US?

I was arrested while in the US and I am not allowed to leave until my court case is over.

4. Soon, when you will be allowed to leave the US, what is the first thing you doing back in UK?

Probably throw a massive party.

5. Has this experience changed you? What are you learnings from this set back?

I’ve taken the time to learn some new skills and focus on different areas of my life, so I’d say yes.

6. You are a user of crypto or just a fan? By @notsofast.

I don’t use them much, but I do invest in them. On rare occasions I’ve spent cryptocurrency, but I’m mostly just a trader.

7. Will crypto go mainstream?

I think it already is mainstream, just not as a currency.

8. What satisfies you the most in crypto?

Making good calls which turn out as I predicted, as well as seeing all the cool things that people have used cryptocurrencies to do.

9. What you dislike the most in crypto?

The amount of charlatans, scammers, and just plain FUD.

10. How to not fall victim of malware, or hackers?

That’s a complicated question, but mostly installing an antivirus and educating yourself about good security hygiene is the best way to avoid getting infected/hacked.

11. Infosec recommendations specifically for crypto crowd?

Use a password manager and have a different password for every account. Always use software 2FA and have it installed on a different device from the one you use to log in (SMS 2FA is not as secure because mobile numbers can be transferred without your knowledge via various social engineering attacks).

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If you want to know in depth how @MalwareTechBlog stopped “WannaCrypt” or “Wanna Cry”, read his blog of the event….

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