1. Who is @dum, what is his background?

I am just a regular guy who got interested in crypto 4-ish years ago. I’ve always loved using and building computers. I grew up using forums and stuff, and really started digging into what bitcoin actually was when my dad asked me about it in early 2014 (shout out dad, whats up, love ya). I learned what it was, and around that time, dogecoin was the big thing. So I actually built a miner (6 x RX270X’s) and mined the hell out of it. Between being miserable all summer because of the heat, and buying my first bitcoin at $800 I quickly learned it wasn’t going to be easy to survive. But I had a really good feeling that this was going to be around for a long time so I researched and studied and learned how to trade alts and never gave up and here we are!

2. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2018 onwards?

Right now I am diving deep into mining. I have always been fascinated by mining and using computer hardware to make money out of thin (very hot) air. It is taking up a lot of my time, and I could not be happier that I can spend my time doing what I love. I am also still pushing out shitcoin talk’s in my free time, thanks to all the people who bug me constantly about getting new episodes out, I really appreciate it. Between these two things, and keeping an eye on the markets it is really a full time job.

3. What your first month of crypto looked like?

My first month of crypto was actually not too bad. I bought bitcoin at $800, but only $100 worth. I had already written it off as a loss, I had that in my mind early. Started buying alts on cryptsy, my first trade was actually going all in on mooncoin at 10 sats and selling it for 18 sats. I also built the miner which was a lot more work than I thought it would be and really made me appreciate the miners that were already kicking ass on twitter.

4. Whats your day job like?

Crypto is my day job and i am very thankful for this!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better job.

5. When @shitcointalk daily podcast?

Hahahaha, I don’t know if I can really do a daily show. There is definitely enough going on to where we probably could but I feel like it wouldn’t be as anticipated. We kinda have a “0 fucks given” schedule, we do it whenever we want and I kind of like that (although I think a lot of people would rather us do it more frequently haha). But I do not plan on stopping the shows any time soon. If you want a show, bug the hell out of me on twitter and I will probably give in and do it.

6. Stranger Things or Narcos? Why?

I actually have no idea what either of these things are, I don’t watch tv. If i’m gonna be looking at a screen i will be looking at crypto stuff.

7. Roger Ver or Barry Silbert? Why?

Roger ver, he stirs up so much shit in the space that it would honestly be kind of dull without him. Granted, I do hate that he takes advantage of unsuspecting bitcoin users by his whole “BCH is bitcoin” agenda. But Barry is a good guy, I love them both. I’m not big on high cap coins though so Barry doesn’t pump my bags (except for Zcash, Barry please pump soon love you).

8. POS/MN or mining? Why?

I think these go hand in hand. I have multiple masternode coins, multiple staking coins, and I am actively mining coins all the time. The best is when you mine a coin that you can turn into a staking/masternode bag that will keep making you money long after you have turned the miners off of it. Mining is #1 in my opinion, especially with all the masternode presale scams and stuff. But I support and participate in all of it!!!

9. Sativa or indica? Why?

Ahh man, now you are asking the good questions. I am an indica kind of guy, love chillin’ and looking at charts after a smoke. Sometimes sativas get me paranoid, I actually don’t smoke as much as people might think. But I am always down to sesh. I stopped smoking before shitcoin talk episodes because people kept making comments about it and I felt like I might not be doing as good of a job as I could be sober.

10.What shitcoins you hold currently?

The list is very long. I have multiple bags that I have in cold storage that I do not plan on selling any time. Obviously Skycoin is one I have held since the ICO (actually one of the only ICO’s I ever bought). Other coins like Elastic, Blocknet, Blackcoin, Bitstar, Zcash, I think have a really good future and I am staking or holding them off exchange. I have probably 70 different coins, from tiny baby market caps coins on Cryptopia and Coinexchange.io, to newly mineable coins like Haven or Zelcash or Garlicoin, to bigger coins like Decred or ETH. I can’t reveal too many secrets though.

11. Worst shitcoin you ever held?

Jesus man, this is a hard question. One of the really bad coins I held on to like an idiot was URO, that was the first huge pump that I sat all the way through and held until delisting. I lost my ass on that one really bad hahaha. Another was Arch (shout out my CEO bro’s), everyone knows how that one ended. And another was Bitstake, the devs left after a huge successful pump and dump from none other than Bob Surplus and I was left holding the bag. All these taught me really great lessons on risk management and taking profits not matter how much you like the coin. I wouldn’t be where I am today without these coins and their dev’s kicking me around a little bit. #blessed

12. Best shitcoin you ever had?

There have been some really good plays, DOGED aka Verge was probably the best coin AND the worst. I bought a metric fuck ton of it at 2 satoshis and thought I was hot shit selling it above 200 satoshis. It was a great gain, but obviously the price did another 10x after that. Only in crypto can you be mad about taking profits too early. This one also taught me a lesson about keeping a good chunk of coins as a free roll moon bag.

13. Top 5 favorite crypto pips?

My top 5 fav crypto people. Man this is a hard one, I don’t want people coming after me because I forgot about them hahaha. I’d say, in no particular order, Nuse, Notsofast, Bitcoin Dad, Growdigi, and Needacoin. There are def a lot of others, but I have known these cats for the longest time and have had many convos with them. I definitely owe a lot of my success to these people. Nuse taught me a lot about TA and charting, Notsofast and Growdigi are my mining brothers, Bitcoin Dad has a huge knack for picking out really good projects to back (and is literally the Dad of crypto), and Needacoin taught me about diversification. These are all essential parts of becoming the best in crypto. If you aren't following them on twitter there is something wrong with you. Ok shill over.

14. What high marketcap coins you have?

My main high cap coins are Zcash, ETH, Litecoin, BCH (yes I hold Bitcoin Cash, I don’t like it but I do it anyway), Decred, Sia, Skycoin.

15. 2018 BTC, moon or rekt?

Moon, always moon. I don’t trade a lot of Bitcoin/USD but I think if you are in it for the long haul you will be greatly rewarded.

@dum has shitloads of mining skills.

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