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1. Who dafuq is @CryptoDale?

Just some guy from Iowa looking to make enough crypto to pay my debt off and set my family up. I’m very passionate about helping people and love seeing them achieve their dreams/goals.

2. Tell us about your background?

I’ve got a finance background so naturally I was attracted to this space.

3. What your first week of crypto looked like?

I had been watching the markets for a month or so and was waiting for the right time to enter (not that I necessarily knew when that was). I saw Ethereum dip to my “buy” area. I bought it on Coinbase, not really knowing that there was life outside of Coinbase yet so I just sat and watch it slowly double.

4. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2018 onwards?

I’m co-host of the Crypto Street Podcast and a content contributor for Whale Reports. I have got some other irons in the fire that haven’t come out yet so stay tuned.

5. Your podcast quite a success, what’s you secret?

I was truly blessed to cross the paths of Killer and Prince. We all hit it off right away and we complement each other. We came together with the same ideas, got through some really bad (thank you for sticking with us fans) early podcast and have found what works for us. We head into every podcast with the notion of “How can we help the people in this space?” Another thought we have before guests is “What do the people of this space want to hear from X guest?” Those two questions/thoughts are the basis for each episode and we throw in questions along the way and it just works.

6. How your execution differed from your plan?

It’s funny because the first couple episodes we had a “script” for each show. Then after listening (along with some criticism from Pod folks) we released we sounded very robotic and scripted. Definitely not what we wanted. We tossed the script out the window and just went ham and it’s worked out so much better.

7. You invite very eloquent people to the podcast, I am a retard speaking in public, if I were to assist to the podcast how will you assure that I don’t make a fool of myself?

We are very appreciative of our guests even agreeing to be on the podcast. We are grateful for them so the last thing we want to do is make them look like a fool. Plus, the three of us just aren’t that type of people.

8. Your favorite crypto personality?

Wow, there are so many to pick from. Obviously Prince and Killer Whale. Outside of them: Bully, Donny, Randall, EmptyBeerBottle, Luke, Clutch, Nike, Godson, Rick, Yeezy, Icy, Notso, CoinMaverick, Colleen, Miss D, SirTT, Messiah, Bobby, Papa Z, Gat, Peri, I could go on and on. What you learned from him/her? I’ve learned so much from them. Especially the first couple. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been able to make such close friends in this space in such short of time.

9. Your least favorite crypto personality?

Any of those damn scammers. You know who you are. What would you do different from him/her? Make money the real way by trading and not scamming on innocent people that come into this space.

10. Who will be Bitcoin legitimate contender?

I mean, I could see ETH and the flippening happening at some point. Bitcoin is king and I’m not sure that anything can compete with it. Bitcoin is what everyone wants to get their hands on. Maybe, Lux?

11. Top 5 mistakes in crypto that will lose you shitload of money?

I’m super, super competitive. I hate missing pumps. I value my sleep. I’m horrible at mexxing.

12. What are some regrets that you have in crypto so far?

The obvious is not getting in soon enough. I remember googling how to buy bitcoin back in 2014 but couldn’t really find anything so I gave up. Nothing you can do now. I think other than that I don’t really have one. Sure, I’ve sold some bottoms and bought some tops, who hasn’t? It’s times like that where you learn from your mistakes and I have learned to never chase pumps again.

13. What piece of advice would you give you someone new entering this space?

Do your homework. Listen to your gut. Trust no one. Have some patience.

14. What do you want people to think of/remember when they hear the name, CryptoDale?

I am really thankful for this space and what cryptocurrency has brought to my life. I try and pay it back and help newer people out when they can. I want to be a person that has left a legacy in this space and I want to be well known as a good dude and a helpful person for this space.

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My man @CryptoDale, killing it with his podcast @CryptoStreetPod, keep at it bro.

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