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1. Tell us about your background?

I studied a degree of foreign policy and international conflicts, then an MBA and a postgraduate on financial markets. Before Crypto I had been working for Google Adwords at Ireland and Poland.

2. How you ended up involved with crypto/blockchain?

The value of my Bitcoins from 2015 grew exponentially so I was like… what’s going on here? Bought more, then I discovered Polo, then Bittrex, Cryptopia, Bleutrade, Liqui… when I wanted to stop was too late.

3. What your regular day looks like?

Breakfast, crypto, Monster, crypto, lunch, crypto, Monster, meetings/social life, gym, crypto, dinner, some reading (non crypto stuff), and straight to bed (or sometimes just more crypto).

4. What are your top 5 favorite crypto by category/type? i.e, privacy, dapp, dex, … you choose the category.


5. What crypto you currently hold that you would not sell until at least 5 years have passed? Why?

I’m ready to sell everything at anytime. In 5 years I will be retired writing philosophical shit and travelling (even more).

6. How you diversify your crypto gains into assets, wealth?

I can barely pay the water bill. But If I would have good gains I would diversify to real estate, precious metals and non crypto-companies plus some good investment funds (out of crypto too).

7. How you manage crypto risk?

First I diversify the gains like:
- 30% to reinvest in alts
- 25% to BTC moonbag
- 25% to BTC buy-altsblood-bag
- 20% to USD

Other good thing is to have two portfolios: one for short term and other for long.

Regarding security stuff: having hundred of mails, 2FA even in the fridge, changing passwords every now and then, storing the good meat on Ledger’s Nano, using a dedicated computer for trading (with the exchanges bookmarked where I don’t open anything else) and using common sense.

Last risk to manage on Crypto are the feelings: This one is hard, only way to learn about it is falling a ton of times and being smart enough to learn from your crashes.

8. What you think about of USDT, EURT? Printing machine or plainly fiat into crypto?

Boom soon. The poor Bitfinexed guy went crazy like a goat but in the way he totally exposed Bitfinex and their shady game. Risk management also applies here. There is enough red flags to at least be careful. To cry after the doom won’t solve anything.

9. What you make of current crypto market situation and what you foresee end of 2018 will look like?

Bitcoin to 30K
STRAT to 50$
ANT to 25$
ZRX to 10$
NEO to 500$
XMR to 1,000$
KMD to 25$
DCR to 250$
BAT to 2$
QTUM to 150$
XZC to 200$
BNT to 30$

10. What would you recommend to a newly baptized in the crypto-water-enthusiasm?

To make a tattoo in their forearm: This time is NOT fucking different.

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@crypto_rand Twitter background

@crypto_rand IMO is one of the best crypto writer out there, and also an amazing chartist. Joined Twitter in May 2017, with his eloquence and charisma has managed to get more than 145k followers.

He has really good articles, my favorites are:

Interview with Monero team

Interview with ARK team

Trading tips: How I Pick Low Cap Cryptocurrencies

Trading View guide to chart Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

If you are not following @crypto_rand you are missing one of the top-gun analyst in crypto.

If you enjoy the read, follow me on Twitter, and use my referral links:

Binance, Bitmax, Bitmex, Bybit, Kucoin

Is good for Karma!

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₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession.

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