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1. Why crypto?

Let me be clear, I’m not a blockchain evangelist, I’m here for the cheddar.

But besides the tons of money to be made, I also was able to finally set free my inner nerd. What an epiphany it was.

When I started out, I had huge dreams like financial independence and creating the opportunity to never ever have to throw away my precious time again only to help someone else’s dream come true.

Not saying helping other people to reach their dream in exchange for a paycheck is a bad thing, but I’m a fucking weirdo, eventually I need my own pile of cash and space to enjoy without repercussions. In my opinion greed is good if it’s channeled into goals that affect life of people around you in a positive way. It takes some selfishness to accomplish my goals.

2. Where you spend all your crypto and fiat, aside girls, cars and drugs?

Good food, some occasionally premium shit I don’t need, but mostly on experiences. For example; last weekend I was binge watching YouTube videos about Sichuan food (severe hangover), so now I’m planning a trip to Chengdu.

I also made a down payment for my first house, gotta sleep somewhere. (But very proud TBH).

To me, money is an instrument that only serves the purpose of eliminating problems that could exist when there’s lack of it. On the other hand, true happiness is a separate division that needs to be taken care of from within.

3. Tell us about your background.

I grew up in a nice and friendly environment but I was a total slacker at school, university and generally in life to be honest.

Lots of creativity flowing around but no plan or drive to funnel it. Bought some Litecoin in 2014, sold at around $9.

Terrible trade, it was literally as much worth as one PlayStation.

Despite my good education I ended up selling door-to-door marketing subscriptions, miserable shit. Despite that I kept on grinding, I knew I had more in me.

Then my holiday pay came, early 2017. I spent it all on my first crypto bags. From the very first day I KNEW this was gonna be my type of game. When my hunger for information started to grow I found ‘Crypto Twitter.’ I entered a full-on wicked digital jungle where OG’s called the shot and have such an unprecedented influence on starting ‘traders’ like myself back then.

So I started the Mr. Backwards account with one goal in mind: be part of the community one day and get as many followers as @crypto_god. ASAP.

4. You hustle hard = shitpost, ICO, margin trade, mine, stake, gem pick, but don’t TA, why?

Besides crypto I’m also dayjobbing/partnering at a software company, which consumes (believe it or not) lots of my time. Combined with crypto I work at least 80 hours per week. I don’t do TA because I strongly believe in letting people do the work for you if they’re more experienced in it.

For example, atm there are 3 guys painting my house. They know how to handle brushes, I don’t.

For 2018 I’ve set myself the goal of stepping out of the dayjob-game. That would definitely be a moment for me to get into TA, but mostly to determine my own entries after doing FA (which is leading for me). I already creating a nice crypto corner in my new home for when the time is ripe.

5. Top 5 atm.

  1. ETC

6. How you diversify your crypto gains into assets, wealth?

Somewhere around Bitcoin’s ATH I bought silver with BTC, besides silver I’m also playing with the idea to invest in AI-startups. A more safe allocation of my gains will be used to buy some real-estate later this year to rent out in my home city. Looking for a house with students, would be nice if they happen to be hot and I can fix the refrigerator every now and then. Creepy landlord in the making. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

7. How you manage crypto risk?

Taking partial profits during pumps and never letting a bag get too big percentual wise. I’m a terrible bear market trader, so thank god for POS-coins (BUZZ, HOLD, MONK for example) and masternodes (BITG, GBX, SMART, XZC) which generate passive income.

But when the full bull mode is activated, I like to diversify real quick to start new bags. Clean out that wish-list ASAP.

I’m trying to count my bags, but it’s over 70 — lost track. I also cash out to FIAT on a regular basis, that truly gives you peace of mind. (at least for now, soon exit all FIAT-markets?!)

8. Your favorite crypto personality? What you learned from him/her?

The last 6 months I really had lots of help from @cryptomocho. I admire his drive to play these markets, even on the shittiest exchanges with only one goal — providing for your family and long term sustainability of a joyful life.

Also @VentureCoinist is an inspiration to me, I will probably dox myself next year, become his European competitor and ride electric scooters on Dubai Blockchain Meetups as well. You are warned Luke.

9. Your least favorite crypto personality? What would you do different from him/her?

That must be @coin_shark. Sometimes he over shills, but at the same time I know he shills from the heart. So cut him some slack and just sign up already with his reflinks.

10. Hobbies outside crypto?

Just started to work out again, I want to get the same back muscles as @crypto_rand, will succeed.

I also produce beats no one wants hear but myself and I’m planning to buy a drumkit. Oh and BBQing man, fuck I love BBQing. I will definitely drop some gains on a new BBQ for sure, still deliberating whether to go gas or charcoal. Probably charcoal.

11. Lambo, Porsche, or Maserati?
In a month or so my first BMW arrives, on lease though and also an entry model. I do not like to own stuff that doesn’t generate instant income.

12. Recommendation for newbies?

  • Educate yourself ASAP (coming across an unknown term? -> Google that shit).

BTW, my avatar is from http://www.edwardcarvalhomonaghan.co.uk/ lots of good art IMO on his page.

@Coin_Shark next book cover.

I am completely biased, I consider @Coin_Shark to be one of the few, amazing and loco friends I have acquired in crypto. He would go at lengths to help out anyone that shows interest, this guy is an authentic gem, you ought to share this crypto ride with him to fully savor this once in a lifetime moment.

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