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1. For those who don’t know you, who is Brenna Sparks?

Brenna Sparks is a millennial pornstar who’s obsessed with cryptocurrencies. She looks sweet and innocent but is actually a demon child.

2. How you ended up in crypto?

Many people seem to doubt this, but it is the true story. I got into crypto at a time when the only way you could get bitcoin was by either mining it or getting it from someone else using cash or a greendot moneypak. My ex-bf at the time introduced it to me as a method for obtaining weed. Back then I didn’t treat it as an investment. I did sell around $1,000 though, thinking that was the end of it. As time went on I began thinking more and more about cryptocurrencies, seeing it in news articles more and more, and eventually landed on Ethereum, which got me seriously interested about cryptocurrencies. Ethereum was a huge wakeup call for what kind of future we can have. Even then I still didn’t jump on board to invest. It took some time for me to commit myself to it.

3. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2018 onwards?

Right now I’m working on a whole topless crypto educational series. I’ve watched many tutorial videos and, although they are fine, I always felt like they weren’t simple enough or didn’t quite get the point across. Why topless? Well, because I’m a pornstar haha!

4. What is FOSTA & SESTA bills?

A poorly thought out plan to “stop” sex trafficking with enormous repercussions, thought out by none other than our ever increasingly disappointing baby boomers and gen x’ers. It could potentially injure the entire adult industry, either intentionally or non-intentionally. I remain confident, however, that companies will find a clever way to work around this and I am confident that the government will be disappointing in enforcing anything.

5. How the above affects the adult industry?

It will, without doubt, force sex workers to seek work in more dangerous environments with far less oversight. There will be suicides, there will be families that fall apart, there will be people who go homeless, you name it. I’m all for fighting sex trafficking, but not while ruining other people’s lives. As stated above though, we will find a way around it.

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6. What your bags look like?

I believe in taking on strong positions over having a bunch of different coins, especially if you are a hodler like myself. There is little to no advantage to diversifying your money across many coins, due to the fact that the majority of the market behaves according to how Bitcoin and Ethereum behave. That said, my largest holdings are in SONM, OCN, ARK, BAT, ETH, and SPANK.

7. Bitcoin or Bcash?

Bitcoin. There is no point to Bcash when you consider the long term.

8. Plain no or friendzone?

A mixture. I’m pretty terrible at knowing when someone likes me and I accidentally friendzone them. I don’t think people understand how many compliments I get every single day. When someone gives me a compliment, it’s just so normal, I don’t think anything of it anymore. In order for a person to get their feelings across to me, it needs to be more than “you’re beautiful” or “i love you”. I guess you could say I’m difficult and will almost certainly disappoint you lol.

9. Verge or Spank?

Spankchain. They care a lot about the adult industry and sex workers and aren’t just using piggybacking off the adult industry to get another pump out of their coin. Spankchain is an adult dedicated platform. Verge is just another currency. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, whatever, for doing what Verge is doing. Verge isn’t building anything dedicated to the adult industry. Verge is a good cryptocurrency, but not for the adult industry.

10. Liquor or beer?

Liquor. I love wine, vodka, rum, I especially moonshine!


11. Alcohol or pot?

Alcohol for parties, pot if I’m just relaxing or hanging with a small group of friends. Although, I’m trying to phase out alcohol and finding myself eating edibles quite often instead of smoking.

12. Boobs or ass?

Wow, both are obviously great. I like very big boobs with a well-shaped ass, doesn’t need to be big. We can also go with the big ass small tits route. Too difficult to choose them individually, you gotta think about the whole system!

13. Favorite position?

Doggystyle and 69.

14. Regular or anal?

I prefer anal. I’ll be shooting an anal scene soon by the way! Shhh! :)

15. What’s your sex fantasy?

Orgy with a bunch of CEOs of various Top 50 cryptocurrencies.

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16. Who will be Bitcoin legitimate contender?

Ethereum. However, I’m a big believer that our future will be full of many cryptocurrencies. I think we need to get this idea of one coin rules all out of our heads. Let’s not cheer and push monopolies in the crypto space.

17. As an adult entertainer what would be your top recommendations to fellow adult entertainers about crypto?

Get in now. Educate yourself on the topic and start investing. If you’re not sure about what you want to do after porn, study cryptocurrencies. If you wish to start investing, right now is one of the easiest times to do so. It’ll only get more and more difficult. Pornstars, cam girls, escorts, and strippers make for some of the greatest investors, due to the fact that we have more money sitting around than we know what to do with. Forget gold, forget silver, forget stocks, stop buying Gucci. Dedicate at least 20% of your income to cryptocurrencies. We are living at a time where a few thousand dollars and a lot of patience can secure your entire future. You can’t get this anywhere else and by the time cryptocurrencies are as acceptable as stocks, it’ll be too late and each day we get closer to that reality.

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I hope you boys and girls enjoyed @brennasparksxxx Q&A. So I leave you to it, I got some, ehem, research to do...

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