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1. Who is @Beastlyorion, what is his background?

I like to joke that I’m a pretty ordinary guy. I spent one year in music college for guitar performance before dropping out and attending a programming boot camp for web development. On my way out I found a job in a Database Admin/Tech Support role. After about a year in that position, I quit to search for a new job as a web developer. Coincidentally, that happened to be right around the time that altcoins started going crazy. Over the next few weeks I had made more with my investments in altcoins than I had over the previous year of work. That’s when I got hooked on trading.

2. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2018 onwards?

For the past 4 years I feel as if I’ve lived 4 different lives as each year I’ve found something new to spend my time and effort pursuing. I’m waiting for the next opportunity to present itself. As for now, I will continue doing my best to optimize my trading and investment strategies in order to ensure a financially secured future for my family and me.

3. What your first month of crypto looked like?

My first month in crypto was interesting. I managed to buy in back in February 2016 and averaged in during that whole year. As soon as I started trying to trade, I began to lose my initial investment to overtrading and a lack of a plan. My first month was spent chasing pumps and somehow losing to a rise only market. By the end of 2016, I had lost 60% of my initial investment and I was very upset with myself. I continued to pour money in throughout the year however, and by the beginning of 2017, I was going strong.

4. Bitcoin 2018 outlook and beyond?

The time frame is very important in the subject of Bitcoin price predictions. Within the next year, I’m planning for a decline to $3,000. I’ve seen a lot of arguments for a rise to $100k, and technically it makes sense, but I’m leaning towards a more significant retrace. In the next 2–5 years, I expect the long term bull trend to continue and we could see Bitcoin prices at $100k+.

5. Your opinion on ICOs?

ICOs always seem to be a hot topic. There are so many of them now and it is generally difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. I choose to abstain from ICOs for a few reasons. I trade purely off technical analysis, which is based off historical price data. Since that isn’t an option with ICOs, I’m at a great disadvantage. Another reason is the lack of guarantee that the coin’s market liquidity will be enough to exit from an investment, I’d much rather wait for the coin or token to be listed on a major exchange before I consider trading it. The final reason is because the laws surrounding them are very very vague, and I would like not to be fined or sent to jail.

6. Sought ICOs you looking to participate?

See 5.

7. How are your mining skills?

I don't mine.

8. Jihan Wu or John McAfee? Why?

Both Jihan Wu and McAfee have a particularly bad reputation in the space. I see McAfee as an extremely brilliant and yet immoral man. I would probably enjoy meeting him and hate spending time around him. He seems to be, much like myself, a nihilist, but much more indulgent and separated from the sense of obligation to the community and the world.

9. Craig Wright or Roger Ver? Why?

Roger Ver. He’s funny because he’s immature and self destructive in the spotlight, which he seems to attract often. I shook his hand once and watched him pitch the concept of a libertarian society at a conference in Aspen. From what I gathered, he is a stubborn idealist with an overblown ego that keeps him from seeing fault in his decisions and/or admitting them. If he were to experience ego death and recover he might grow into a very well rounded individual.

10. Charlie Lee or Barry Silbert? Why?

I guess Barry, because watching him lead thousands of plebs to their doom in $ETC was comical.

11. Top 5 mistakes in crypto that will lose you shitload of money?

A. Follow @CNBCFastMoney investing “advice”. It’s a sure fire way to get rekt.

B. Overtrade. Trading every flip wont make you money. It will make you rekt. Find some coins you like, be patient and wait for a strong entry in a flat market on a long timeframe. Then wait until they moon. When they’re going straight up, find a place to sell.

C. Hodling. Don’t be afraid to sell when shits going to the moon. If Dogecoin is above 100 sats, it’s a good time to sell. If Dogecoin is above 200 sats, gtfo.

D. Trading with leverage. Unless you are god tier or you are you used my Bitmex referal link, don’t do it.

E. Not using 2FA. Assume you will get hacked. Cover your ass. Use 2FA.

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The Beast man, is THE coldest blooded trader I know, emotionless as a brick, gotta learn them skills people!

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