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1. Why Proton?

Proton is not just a Dash fork, we have clear and long term objectives, which will take our coin very far.

As opposed to many other MN coins, we are an active and capable group of developers, improving the wallet and blockchain on a regular basis, and we provide an excellent support for users/investors.

2. How Proton come to be?

It all started back in October 2017, when we were with a crypto-friend looking into various projects with Masternodes and realising that most of them were merely money grabbers, so we decided to take action.

3. Proton specs and how this translates to English for non-crypto speakers.

Rewards per block: 50 coins
Rewards for MN holders: 42.5 (85%)
Rewards for miners: 7.5 (15%)
Required coins for MN collateral: 5000
PoW Algorithm: X16R
Estimated max supply: 45 M
Basically, our specs guarantee fair mining (thanks to the ASIC super resistant X16R algo) and fair rewards distribution among investors and miners.

4. Why is Proton unique, and why will it thrive?

Our strongest points are our supportive and active community and the long-term vision that we have for the coin.

5. Who is the core team and what are their backgrounds?

We are a team composed of 2 developers, located in Germany and South America, and 1 advisor located in the UK.

All blockchain enthusiasts and experts in different domains, providing solid expertise in several areas.

6. Couple similar projects, what is your closest competitor?

We like to see ALQO as our closest competitor and in the long run we aim to become the next PIVX in terms of size, but with a more comprehensive platform.

7. Can you provide specifics on how the roadmap looks for 2018?

Sure, details about the roadmap can be found on our official website, but here are some key points:

Q2 2018 — Android and iOS wallets, Several marketing campaigns, Coinmarketcap.
Q3 2018 — Switch to PoS (details about rewards distribution still to be determined), Integration with 3rd party payment processors, Alliances with merchants to accept Proton.
Q4 2018 — Implementation of a Zerocoin protocol, Proprietary payment App for small businesses/shops to accept instant payments using Proton, Web API and JS widget for easy e-commerce websites integration.

8. What is/will be Proton marketing plan?

​We have recently onboarded a new collaborator which will be redesigning all the media content (website, flyers, social media images, etc), we are in contact with some influencers that will help us to promote the project (Twitter, Facebook, forums) and we are going to release a new bounties campaign to involve more people in our community by rewarding them for writing articles, making videos and share the word about the Proton project

9. Plans for other exchanges?

CryptoBridge is coming very soon! Other exchanges are still under discussion.

10. What will the roadmap look like after 2018?

We would like to implement ideas that come from the community, anything is possible.

Check Proton out:

Twitter Website Discord Bitcointalk Github

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