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1. Why PIRL?

The name PIRL is derived from the nickname my great grandmother gave me when I was little and so I settled on the name PIRL to honor her for everything she did for me as a kid.

2. How PIRL came to be?

PIRL was created with the goal of creating a fast, reliable, cheap to use, and versatile cryptocurrency with low barriers of entry. At first, I developed PIRL alone with this concept in mind, but now we have an exciting full time team onboard dedicated to helping grow PIRL.

3. Why PIRL is unique, and why it will thrive?

PIRL is based on usable features, it helps bring real world usage to cryptocurrency, not just vaporware claims that will just be used for a pump and dump, nor do you need to be an engineer to use PIRL. With PIRL, we focus on long term growth and usability. PIRL introduces fair mining and distribution, efficient ASIS-resistance Ethash Algorithm, Clear and concise Monetary Policy, Masternodes, Token support, and several other features that are currently in active development that have not yet been announced.

4. Who is the core team and what are their backgrounds?

a. Masterdubs


  • 12 Years experience in Programming
  • 13 Years experience in IT


  • Lead Dev / Founder of PIRL
  • Strategic Planning

b. Fawkes


  • 3 Years experience in Procurement & Logistics
  • 5 Years experience in Project Management
  • Crypto Enthusiast since 2012,Crypto Miner since 2015


  • Community Manager
  • Writer
  • Basic graphics designer

c. Socal_Crypto


  • 13 Years IT Experience
  • Crypto Trader and Miner since 2013


  • PR Manager
  • Editor
  • Community Engagement
  • Strategic Planning

d. Count Cryptula


  • 20 years Banking & Economic Development
  • Crypto Miner, Investor and Trader since 2016


  • Community Manager
  • Writer
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing

e. Dantok


  • 16 Years IT Network Administrator
  • Crypto Mining since 2017


  • Community Manager
  • Marketing

f. Postfix


  • Mining cryptocurrency since 2010
  • Switched from SysAdmin job to become a Blockchain Developer


  • Work on high-level smart contract architecture and implementations primarily focused to masternodes

g. Cryptoduke


19 years experience in IT-Services,Team and Project Management


  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Human Resources
  • Communication and coordination with external service providers
  • External communication and coordination of projects

h. CHRlS


  • 21 Years IT Professional
  • COO of a outsourcing Datacenter for 16 Years
  • Deep experience in large volume enterprise projects
  • Last big project before Pirl for the European Central Bank


  • COO
  • Developer
  • Infrastructure Expert

5. Couple similar projects, what is your closest competitor?

Coins like Ubiq, Pivx, and Ethereum are our direct competition. However, we do not Develop PIRL based on what the competition may or may not be doing, our focus is solely to provide user-friendly functionality.

6. How PIRL will be better than competition?

Pirl will offer an all-in-one platform, with all features a simple click away. There are also several features in active development, but as is our policy, we do not like to announce upcoming features until they are production ready. We have continued to release features and further development of PIRL.

7. Can you provide specifics on how the roadmap looks for 2018?

8. What is/will be PIRL marketing plan?

PIRL will soon begin two fun campaigns to increase Community awareness of PIRL and to encourage Community engagement. The first will be the beginning of random PIRL Trivia rounds. At random points throughout the day there will be a lightning Trivia round in the PIRL Discord chat consisting of 5 questions, each worth 1 PIRL. We are also working on instituting a PIRL Points program that will leverage the token and smart contract abilities of PIRL.

9. Community is tight and active, how you planning to create the next wave of hard-core PIRL evangelists?

We are hoping that our hard work and continued delivery of new, usable features to PIRL will help contribute to building our community base. Also, our upcoming Community engagement campaigns and continued interaction with the crypto community will hopefully help build our global reach.

10. Plans for other exchanges?

Yes, but we cannot comment on active negotiations.

11. What will the roadmap look like after 2018?

Barring any development delays, there will be several large, new features released this year that will radically alter the post-2018 PIRL roadmap.

12. What is your plan now that Ethash, which is the mining algorithm that PIRL uses, might be seeing ASIC’s soon?

We are closely monitoring the situation and do not see how these “ASICs” could offer any significant advantage over GPUs since Ethash is memory based. If the “ASICS” do put GPUs miners at a disadvantage then we will perform a fork to change the mining algorithm to something more GPU friendly.

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