Membrana: Q&A

1. What is Membrana?

Membrana is an ecosystem for trading and for assets under management.

2. What is the mission and vision of Membrana?

Membrana reinvented the idea of assets under management — bringing that level of transparency and safety, that can only be achieved with blockchain and smart-contract technology.

3. What are Membrana business models? How could I make money from Membrana?

On the MBN platform, there are many business opportunities for a user. He can act as a trader and use MBN tokens to unlock multiple advanced features and access worldwide network that is established on the platform. He can receive funds for management and get a performance-based commission, he can lock a certain amount of MBN tokens to leverage his assets and have a margin trading with altcoins on any exchange. He can compete with other traders in competitions, showing his skills and earning cash prizes. He can hold some tokens and join Community Operated Fund (COF) to be part of the pool of traders, who manage a combined pool of assets of the community and Membrana company. What’s important, all of the trades are stored in the blockchain with MBN’s Proof-of-Trade system, that allows users to have verified trading history and ROI. This is a much-needed thing for a user, who chooses to act as an investor and joined MBN platform to receive passive income. In this case, he can safely trust his assets for a single trader or a fund, setting up all the restrictions for trading pair allowed and setting boundaries for risk-management and maximum loss. All these conditions are deployed into smart-contract and execute automatically. Also, for an investor, there are few risk-less opportunities such as lending and staking — where the investor receives his rewards in MBN tokens and ETH (ETH rewards comes from the profit of the Community Operated Fund).

4. Who is part of the core team? Backgrounds?

The core development team is Russian, with a strong background in IT engineering. The team is international with project’s Ambassadors promoting the platform across the globe. We are presented in the US, England, Germany, Hong-Kong, South Korea, India. The team and advisor list have big names in the industry — Michael from CME, and advisors Paresh and Anthony from Goldman Sachs.

5. Membrana specs and how this translates to English for non-crypto speakers?

For non-crypto users we can introduce our platform: It’s a safe and reliable tool to receive passive income without the need to hustle about anything. Let the professionals do their work, while you control the results from your mobile phone or PC. With MBN you have your own portfolio manager in a pocket.

6. It is a token ultimately needed for Membrana to exist?

The token is used not only as a payment method for the services but acts as collateral for several services. Also, owning of MBN tokens is necessary to access features of the ecosystem like COF and staking, which cannot be done with other currencies.

7. I am concerned about ETH security, what is Membrana doing to guarantee a hacker don’t get my hard earned Membrana tokens?

We never ask the user to send any funds or tokens to the platform. You can connect the wallet you feel safe about and use it to log in to the platform with your unique wallet signature.

8. How was Membrana funded?

When company was settled back in 2017 it was funded on the money of the founders. First of all, we developed the platform and in early 2018 with alpha version release — we got support from an US venture fund Coinbar. With the beta release in 2019 we launched IEO to get listed and get the token in circulation. Our concept was always to bring the product for the community and build the foundation for future growth.

9. What the roadmap looks like?

The roadmap for MBN can be seen here:

It shows the platform development path and how the business will scale attracting new markets.

10. What will Membrana do to improve usability of copying crypto trading?

Membrana is not a copy trading platform. For managing the assets a direct smart-contract is concluded between a trader an investor. The trader receives temporary access for trading with investor’s funds, while all the settings are deployed in the contract. This brings a lot more safety with risk-management system and restrictions, also allowing more agile features, like working with multiple traders from on API key at the same time, or portfolio management, where an investor trust his assets not directly to a trader, but to a middleman, who search and pick the best traders on the market and gets his own commission based on trader’s performance.

11. What the governance of Membrana will be like by 2020?

MBN platform is heavily related to the community wishes to choose the development path. With the strong support of our customers, we have additional team members who work with us to bring many valuable improvements and ideas. So the governance will be a mix of co-founders and community deciding the market trends and bringing new features on the table.

12. Plan for exchanges?

We are planning to get listed on Tier 1 exchange during the upcoming months. Thou until all papers are signed we can’t announce anything.

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This is not a financial advise and you should do your own research before investing, and understand if you are willing to lose this investment, as there is always risk in innovative markets as technology, fintech, and cryptocurrencies, due to regulations, geopolitical issues, and what not.

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