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Level: what, why, how, who?

What is Level?

Why Level?

How will Level achieve it?

  • Easy cryptocurrency trading for only $5/month.
  • You can trade as often as you want, at no extra charge, keep 100% of your returns.
  • A secure, multi-signature wallet.
  • Easy-to-use technical interface.
  • All on a regulated, US-based exchange.

We think this is a solid value. For the price you pay to make a handful of trades on other exchanges, you get unlimited trades on Level for an entire month.

Who is behind Level?

Level core team is currently conformed by five full time employees: Chris Slaughter (CEO), Courtnie Simmons (Operations & Special Projects), Brian Quinlivan (Head of marketing), and Brandon Eng (Software Engineer).

Level was built by members of the crypto community (advisors). Our (5 core + 16 advisors) founding team is majority experienced crypto traders and influencers.

All our founders are equity partners. We believe in all having the same risk and upside — and we all want to be up-front with followers. No advisor was compensated in cash or cryptocurrency and there’s no reflink promotion.

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“Doing things the same way as everybody else, will not bring mass adoption. Fair flat fees, transparency, top notch security, and a community powered exchange; is how Level got me on board.” — Me.

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