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1. Why does the world need another video platform? And why IPBC?

There are certain issues with current content distribution platforms that are affecting both audiences and creators with the current video platforms. YouTube, for example, have recently changed their revenue model, which means creators can’t earn until they hit a certain threshold of views. These platforms are also subsidized by advertising, which many users find intrusive, not to mention privacy issues such as selling user data to advertisers. Censorship and content blocking are potentially affecting numbers of users as well.

We simply wanted to create the ideal content platform. It would be offered free to end users with no ads while not compromising your private data by selling it to third parties either. In addition, we hoped to address issues like digital piracy by creating an ecosystem where the original creators can actually get paid every time their content is viewed.

2. How did the IPBC project come to life?

We were initially working on secure direct connect systems between devices without man-in-the-middle servers. After this we took the next step to P2P broadcasting solutions which led us looking further on to decentralised storing solutions. Out of all these different approaches the concept for IPBC was born.

3. Who are the core team and what are their backgrounds?

● Saber Maram, CEO — Robotics, IT Management, strategic software design, blockchain
● Kai-Uwe Schnier, CFO — Business development, marketing; with 30 years of experience working in German and Spanish IT companies
● Joni Kautto, CMO — Business development and marketing; 20 years of startup and marketing experience in companies like Nokia and in consulting Scandinavian online enterprises
● Paul Camacho, COO — IT Management, strategic software design and infrastructure, blockchain; 30 years of experience in leading German software companies
● Fritjof Harms — Senior Developer, Blockchain specialist
● Tino Mesa — Senior Platform specialist, 20 years of experience Miriam Diaz — UX & Platform specialist

At the moment the experienced development team has 16 developers and we are recruiting more as we speak.

4. Many similar projects seem to have sprung up lately. Who are your biggest competitors?

Honestly, we don’t believe there is direct competitor in terms of our full concept, which is fairly unique. Though in video platform and content space there are interesting projects that have some overlaps with IPBC.

There’s Steem, a social media platform where rewards are based on community voting. However, 80% of the coins are in the hands of developers, which creates the threat of dumping.

Then there’s Flixxo, although they have no working product (as of Q2 2018). The company held an ICO launch in 2017, and currently they have a team of 11 people. From a total of 900M tokens, 400M stays in ICO (200M), dev team (100M) and company (100M). First 3–6 months after launch new creators can join by invitation only.

LBC is another one, although it’s an app rather than a browser-based platform. Also users have to come out of pocket to buy credits on an exchange before viewing content.

Viuly have come up with a concept where authors can sell access to their premium content, receive donations from users and earn from in-video ads. Users can watch free videos and get rewards. Advertisers can also place ads over the content and pay directly to the users. The platform is set to launch in Q2 2018.

Finally, we have Synereo with WildSpark, where users decide how much they want to reward for the content. They distribute the link and the next user decides how much he wants to reward the creator for that link. The reward for the link will then be split between the creator and the person who sent the link.

However, none of these platform offer a truly fair rewarding objective system like IPBC, where only the number of visitors and viewing time determines the reward for the content publisher.

5. To open this up more, what makes IPBC unique and stand out from the competition?

IPBC is the only video platform where you do not pay with cash, or your personal and private data, and where rewards are not dependent on company and human decisions. The fair-use rewarding system applies equally to all content owners all over the world.

The idea behind the fair rewards system is that rewards are only based on a combination of user numbers and viewing time. The reward system kicks in from the moment the first user views the content. More users and more viewing time automatically results in higher rewards, which is something that can’t be negotiated or changed by advertising or promotions. Reward distribution is also heavily weighted in favor of creators, who pocket 90% of all earnings generated on the platform. Privacy and security are also at the core of IPBC; content can’t be censored or manipulated.

Ultimately, IPBC is focused on benefiting the users (creators and visitors) as opposed to just benefiting the content owner.

6. How can the IPBC platform benefit content creators?

First of all, content on the platform doesn’t exist independently of creators. It also can’t be censored or manipulated. The idea behind the fair rewards system is that rewards are only based on a combination of user numbers and viewing time. The reward system kicks in from the moment the first user views the content. More users and more viewing time automatically results in higher rewards, which is something that can’t be negotiated or changed by advertising or promotions. Reward distribution is also heavily weighted in favour of creators, who pocket 90% of all earnings generated on the platform.

7. What about usability? How easy is it to get started?

We have designed the platform to be as simple as possible, so anyone who can use YouTube can use IPBC. You don’t really need to know anything about mining or cryptocurrencies in order to participate. Mining is literally a one-click operation and it runs in the background after that. You also don’t have to pay anything, there are no complicated registrations and nothing to download. Just click and view.

8.What can we expect next? What does your roadmap for 2018 look like?

We’re currently working on a YouTube tool for content creators, which allows them to transfer channels. Another thing we’re building is a mining free commercial platform specifically for business users which will contribute to the velocity of IPBC coins being purchased and spent.

The UI will have more languages added to it. We’re also introducing a remote control feature, live broadcasting capabilities for MAC and Linux, Android and iOS mobile apps to complement the responsive browser, a simulated mining feature with payments to publishers and a copyright detection system.

We are currently in talks with content distributors and will begin the process of acquiring licensing of television series and movies exclusively for IPBC. Our users will be able to invest in the rights of these programs with IPBC coins and share in the profits generated from viewers.

9. What is the IPBC marketing plan?

The main thing we’re focusing on now is brand awareness and recognition. We work 24/7 and are more than happy to answer questions, appear on youtube interviews, contribute to articles, participate on panels, and be guests on podcasts and livestreams to help build the number of creators and viewers on the platform. Although we understand that blind hype is sometimes
the most powerful market driving force in crypto, we would rather provide actual substance at the grassroots level as we stand by our working product that people are already utilizing.

10. How will the ICO funds be invested?

There was no ICO and no premine. The full project is funded by the founders.
Instead, IPBC has been focusing on building a working product first and foremost. Most of our competitors sold a lot of tokens during their ICO, and thus they may have generated some revenue. However, most still don’t even have a working product ready.

We already have a proven working product and by the time the competition releases something, we will have already created a sizeable user community and increased brand awareness. Multiple iterations and revisions on the platform to have the best possible experience for our users will have already been implemented. Check out our proprietary, open source algo that we will implement in our fork in the next 2 weeks as an example!

11. There is a tight and active cryptocurrency community out there. How are you planning to create the next wave of hard-core IPBC evangelists?

In the next 2 weeks we’ll start offering the YouTube tools for content creators so they can upload their YouTube channel to IPBC. We’ve made it super simple, so anyone can upload their YouTube channel with just a click of a button. This will absolutely encourage sign ups, (why not? Get paid!) and we think that once creators start seeing the earning potential, they will spread the word via social media and forums.

In addition to this, we believe users will want to participate in the future ownership of television shows and movies and as such, coins will begin to be purchased and held at an increasing rate.

As our new algo will be open source and completely proprietary (Immune to ASICs!) we welcome, and offer our support, to future developers who have good ideas who want to create their own projects.

12. IPBC coin is currently listed on Livecoin and Crex24. Are there plans for any other exchanges in the near future?

Yes, we’re working on getting IPBC listed on KuCoin and Binance. We will add more exchanges as we increase in market cap and reach.

13. What will the roadmap look like in the medium to long term?

Our future plans include challenging players like Netflix or Spotify by building content viewing systems, where users can pay for premium content with IPBC. We are already in discussions with brokers who sell television and movie rights and will open up the ownership of these licensing agreements to our users. This will be the first time in history everyday people will be able to invest in television and movies (by investing IPBC coins acquired on the exchages) and share in the profits. How cool will it be to say you are an owner of a successful television series?

In the long term, we will be looking to create our own content, both movies and original series. Partnerships are already in the making with production teams, script writers, and talent agencies in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Tokyo. Again, these will be open to user ownership by investing IPBC coins into the projects. Profits (from CPU mining — massive changes in the new algo) will be distributed proportionally depending on the amount invested per project.

14. The community has been worried about increasing supply impacting prices. What is the plan to ease the dumping?

By decreasing coin emission! The new fork (Anti-ASIC) will extend out our project and decrease the mining rewards by half, while at the same time increasing the hash rate of our webminer. Miners will now be enticed to hold onto their rewards for appreciation purposes as opposed to dumping them onto the exchange. We are at $4M market cap, we believe the miners will be well rewarded for holding!

The addition of new features and products will increase our reach and drive new user registrations up. New users, in combination with future investment opportunities for IPBC holders, will incentivize the accumulation of new coins as well as holding previously acquired coins for increased purchasing power.

What fascinates me about the crypto/blockchain is that no single project or coin has guaranteed success, competition is maddening. If you fall asleep in your laurels, or if your initial idea doesnt have every aspect covered on the problem you were trying to solve, someone WILL, be exceeding expectations, someone will innovate and take away your lunch money.

BEWARE Youtube, Steem, Flixxo, LBC, Viuly, Synereo. IPBC is coming for your lunch money, your mobile, your backpack, your sneakers, and that nice watch you got there.

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