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Insolar: Q&A

CEO’s intro:

  • Smart contracts guarantee full compliance with the rules established by Domains.
  • The cloud system based on blockchain technology is a set of computing and storage nodes, which allows for scalability and flexible consensus mechanisms.
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  • Linear scalability. The Insolar platform enables near-linear scaling. This simplifies costs — expenses are proportional to the hardware, the hardware is proportional to the amount of transactions, and transactions are proportional to the size of the business.
  • A company can start small and rapidly add multiple nodes to the same Domain, eliminating the cost and hassle of building new Domains in order to accommodate scale-out.
  • Alternatively, a company can contribute computing power in exchange for a discount on services.
  • Modularity. The Insolar platform offers a modular structure to tailor to the specific needs of a company or an industry, while enabling seamless communication with other Insolar networks if allowed by local policy.
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  1. dApps — Distributed applications built on top of the platform:
    These serve a range of use cases to improve business operations. In addition to dApps created by Insolar, they can be built by external devs on our platform, since it is designed for ease of use and no knowledge of blockchain is required to build on the ‘business layer’, you can write in Java. The dApps which Insolar itself offers focus on applications of Supply Chain, Energy, Retail & Consumer Goods.

₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession.

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