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1. When you started in $CRYPTO?
February 2015.

2. What are your interests/hobbies aside $CRYPTO?
Spend profit traveling and good food.

3. Family man or living the $CRYPTO single life?
Family man.

4. We don’t see you much talking about ICOs, why?
I prefer to get it at the open market. Some times I get some ICO but need to be great on FA, I prefer really great crypto with low budget and no pre-mine, than an empty ETH token.

5. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?
Position size, never go all in, listen, research, buy bottom, sell on the way up. My favorite slogan is: Trade, take profit, and repeat.

We appreciate your very profitable tips and research, keep on the good $CRYPTO flowing bro.

To aspire to be the best at something, you have to learn from the best. Therefore I embark to interview the best assets in Twitter from the crypto sphere. @cryptomocho was kind enough to be my first guinea pig. If you like what you read, please follow and RT, is good for Karma.

₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession.

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