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With founder @cryptomocho

1. What problems DMme will solve?

We are in the era of big data, where the amount of personal data held by individuals increase exponentially. The price that companies will pay to have access to data is enormous, mainly for marketing purposes, but also for malicious reasons.

To illustrate this, one can go to and download all this data from google servers, that will give an indication of the sheer amount of data associated with individuals (from emojis used to videos watched on youtube and much more).

The most used data related applications are messaging and social apps. Those apps collect (sometimes without consent) all messages, images, videos, shopping preferences sent over their network. The question to ask is what happens to this data?

Again, to illustrate this, let’s look at Facebook, although it doesnt sell your data, it sells access to your news feed to advertising and marketing company. (source: )

We aim to answer this by creating an privacy focus messaging app where no data can be harvested for marketing and advertising purposes. Only both parties involved in a chat will have access to the content, no one else. Simple, efficient, protectionist. I would like to emphasize this point: ‘IF IT IS FREE, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT’

2. DMme specs and how this translates to English for non-crypto speakers?

DMme app is an encrypted message service 100% anonymous 100% secure.

This are some of our specifications future implementation:

  • Completely anonymous. You do not need to check with phone number like whatsapp. Just an email account and a password.
  • Military grade end to end encryption so that it is not interceptable, and messages history (including media) are not saved on servers.
  • Snapchat functionality, possibility to destroy messages after some seconds seconds.
  • Control over you can chat with, block/unblock function.
  • Available for Android and after verification for iOS.
  • Possible extensions after basic app.
  • Integrations with a custom chain to send token / coin peer to peer.
  • Possibility to chat from the PC.

3. Why DMme is unique, better than the other betting projects and why it will thrive?

OUR PROJECT IS SELF FUNDED which means unlike many projects which rely on the community and selling their own coins to go forward in their roadmap, WE DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM as we already have the money for development. We believe that we can deliver in 4 to 5 months.

Also in our lite paper to be released, we will explain the token/coin utility.

But I can reveal that after the DMme app is release, our $DMME holders will receive approx the 30% of the app sale profit because will be on subscription model service.

We are in negotiations with some small retail shops that will accept $DMME as a payment method.

4. How will DMme simplify the usage of crypto betting for mass adoption?

Well in our second step we will incorporate a p2p payment method in the same chat app so our users can send coin/money between then like emojis, yes, simple as put a smiley or a face palm in your chat, you ll be able to send crypto to other users in a few taps.

5. Who is behind DMme? Backgrounds?

We have two separate teams, one for the coin team and is composed by:

Coin Team

  • Main developer: MCLXI
  • Second developer: @mujicajm (IT Support, System Administrator, involved in cryptocurrency over 3 years).
  • Founders: @CryptoJAV (trader, staker, masternode operator, miner investor, speculator, 4 years in crypto, business man in the electronics field). And @cryptomocho trader, staker, masternode operator, miner investor, speculator, 4 years in crypto).
  • Marketing development and communication: @bioLogik4 (IT project manager, system administrator, involved in blockchain for over 2 years, in
    project for a year now. Keen interest on real life application of blockchain technologies).
  • Graphic designer and marketing: @CryptoGremlins (Founder of Gremlins Marketing, graphic designer, marketing development and
    communication tools for blockchain services).
  • Community manager: @larsinist.

App Team

100% anonymous and will kept like that for strategic and commercial reasons

  • Dev1: 15 years experience in C++ coding. Worked for different telecom giants like Nokia, Ericsson. He is a guru when it comes to create P2P and server based applications. Part of the Qt community.
  • Dev2: database specialist with over 10 years experience in DB technologies deployment for large scale, real time applications.
  • Dev3: web/UI specialist with 12 years hands on expertise. Designed and customized major applications user interfaces.

6. How DMme will be funded?

Its already fully funded by @cryptomocho and @CryptoJAV own money and also we have the DMme premine, 2% of the supply, to use it if is needed for future funding needs, but is not in our plans to touch it in the near future.

Also the app will be based on a subscription model so will be a self funded project with some revenue. While many will argue that most messaging app are free, we would argue to the contrary, that users pay a heavy price in the form of giving access to their private life, shopping habits, locations, and much more. Let’s repeat the on of the problem we want to address ‘IF IT IS FREE, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT’.

7. Plans for exchanges?

We are now listed on Hotdex and Zolex, will be soon available in 2 more exchanges.

8. What is/will be DMme marketing plan?

At the moment, we are using the ‘traditional’ means for marketing (social medias, giveaways, RT, videos, rain bots, etc…) .

When we will be getting close to the official launch of the Android app, we will increase our marketing presence, well pretty much everywhere, this will be a big bang party everywhere online. DMme will be THE topic of conversation.

This will include more interviews, more AMA’s, more videos, more influencers, more articles, more giveaways, more social media, more everything!

9. What DMme Vision and Mission?

Our second priority (first one being privacy): Our investors.

We have a simple plan and is take care of our investors and our apps sells.
We will have the app on subscription model where the 30% of the profit will be distributed to all the $DMME holders (like if you hold a stock that pays dividends ).

The remaining 70% of the profit will be used to expand the team and to keep our main goal to develop more features on the app and more products/services that will become a great ecosystem for our brand.

Some may ask why a paid app, when you have messaging apps with similar features which are free, it is important to understand the notion of ‘if it is free, you are the product’ (that is the third time we mention it here, for a good reason: people need to remember it ☺).

Yes, you have one of the most known app, telegram which is free where the founder Pavlov is a strong advocate of privacy, we respect his ethos and agree with it. However, DMme will be slightly different as it has messaging capability as its core function, but with added features like P2P crypto payment and possibly in the near future.

10. Who are DMme closest competitors, how different are they?

There is more than 12 chat apps but what we want to do is less congested situation.

Because we are in the blockchain sector, we have no direct competitors. Our indirect competitors are the like of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, both owned by the same company, Facebook, reputed for selling users feed news to marketing agencies (please see link in first part). Wechat and Viber are also strong in the messaging market, however Wechat is reserved to Chinese market, with strong indications that the Chinese government has access to Wechat data.

11. What current partnerships DMme has and what will be its purpose?

At the moment we have 3 mayor partners and they are:

#hotdex exchange

#TRTT Nodes and


12. Please share the tokenomics for DMme.

13. How much funds the core team will have in budget for development and marketing?

We are running on private funds of over one million USD, this will allow the development for more than 36 months without saying that the year 2019 is totally paid for and out of this budget.

14. What will the roadmap look like after 2019?

Q1 2019

  • Coin Release
  • Wallet Win/Mac/Linux
  • Website
  • Whitepaper
  • Exchange listing 1
  • Kalkulus Hub listing
  • Monitoring platform listing: MNO, MNPro, MNCN
  • App stage 1 Development: Trittium Hosting listing (shared / insta masternode)
  • Exchange listing 2

Q2 2019

  • Listing exchange 3
  • App main release with encrypted chat (Android only)
  • Start App development stage 2: Money transfer, and Integration send/receive between users

Q3 2019

  • Messaging app on Play Store and web download
  • Subscription model implementation
  • Start iOS app development
  • Start PC app development

I have been internet friends with Mocho for close to two years now, he has been involved with quite few projects, and this is his first crypto project he has partaken as founder and core member, funding the project out of his own pocket. Find it interesting to see his evolution from being drafted to help promote projects, to actually creating from scratch a crypto project. No small feat by any means.

Personally bought a pair of masternodes of DMme last week, knowing that I was getting in early (better risk/reward ratio IMO), currently they are setup to advance on the most important aspects in their current stage: app coding, exchange listing, and community building. I find that they are not obsessing with having everything nice and pretty, also their general graphics overall should have a less playful look and feel, aiming for a more conventional version. But hey, knowing Mocho, he does not do conventional.

The team is capable achieving their mission as they have real world experience in the corporate world, can’t wait to test out their app as I am a big fan of everything related to privacy, specially messaging.

Interesting project, you guys should check it out if you are into tiny micro caps:






Bitcoin Talk forum


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DISCLAIMER: This is a paid Q&A by DMme.

This is not a financial advise and you should do your own research before investing, and understand if you are willing to lose this investment, as there is always risk in innovative markets as, technology, fintech, and cryptocurrencies, due to regulations, geopolitical issues, and what not.

₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession.

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