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Digipharm: Q&A

Ahmed Abdulla — Founder/CEO

1. What is Digipharm?

Digipharm is a blockchain focused health tech company that have introduced a platform for outcomes based contracting in healthcare. This means helping healthcare stakeholders pay for healthcare based on performance, something that global health systems are moving towards. When using patient data to determine the cost of care it is imperative to have this built on a secure and immutable infrastructure like blockchain. It also allows us to utilize smart contracting to eliminate manual processing.

2. What is the mission and vision of Digipharm?

Healthcare in general is moving to a value based approach however current software solutions are not fit for purpose. Digipharm aim to be a leader in developing health IT infrastructure on technologies like blockchain to enable trust-less mechanism for healthcare payments that heavily rely on patient data. In addition to supporting a new way of transacting, Digipharm are creating a network ecosystem for their DPH tokens, this is very exciting and we many announcements coming out in the near future.

3. What are Digipharm’s business models?

Blockchain/software as a service.

4. How will token holders profit from DPH?

DPH takes can be used as access tokens to our platforms and network. When our health data marketplace is released then DPH tokens will facilitate the process of rewarding contributors with sharing their anonymised data. DPH tokens will be a strong network gas with utility that can reach the whole globe.

5. What makes Digipharm capable of solving the problem its aiming to?

We have a strong team with unwavering belief in the long term vision. Our team consists of industry experts ranging from health economics and doctors to seasoned technologists.

6. Who is part of the core team? Backgrounds?

we have a strong team with unwavering belief in the long term vision. Our team consists of industry experts ranging from health economics and doctors from world renowned institutions to seasoned technologists who are pioneers in their fields.

7. It is a token ultimately needed for DPH to exist?

It is part of the future vision. We want to be an equalizer in healthcare for patients around the world. Yes the token has the ability to pay for access to some of our platforms that are focused directly at corporations or official organisations, but healthcare is not a one stop shop. We need to create an ecosystem around the whole behavioral side of healthcare too, for example, incentivisation we cannot ignore the economic implications that go behind that.

8. How funds of ICO will be invested?

We will be focusing heavily on platform development and client acquisition. We will also be working hard on creating an exceptional network economy with DPH at the center of it.

9. Why a 5mio USD hard cap for your IEO?

It is important to be able to execute a solution and develop an ecosystem that will be viable liable long term while not compromising the quality of such a service. Our internal models and estimates suggested that this would be a figure that was suitable while taking into account current market conditions.

10. What the roadmap looks like?

We will continue to develop our solutions and platforms. We will release several important announcements in the coming months so please stay tuned.

11. What is/will be Digipharm marketing plan?

We will use some conventional channels and some not so, so look out for it in the near future. We aspire to be something that patients tell each other about while encouraging each other to use it.

12. Plans for exchanges?

We have an IEO on Coineal which is live now as we speak. We will also be trading live on OKEXs partner exchange Coinall at the same time on the 24th of June. More exchanges will come, I’m sure of it, but we take things one step at a time.

13. What current partnerships Digipharm has and what will be its purpose?

We developed our platform in partnership with Swisscom Blockchain, the blockchain arm of the Swiss telecommunications giant. We also partnered with Encrypgen, this one is interesting as they also already have a live solution.

We have also partnered with several other organisations and those can be found on our website or our media channels.

14. Digipharm aims to disrupt healthcare providers modus operandi of charging patients, what leverage Digipharm will have in order to operationally force healthcare providers to change their way of work?

Healthcare spending is currently unsustainable, both for patients and payers. This is having an effect on the whole industry, where innovation is essentially not rewarded because organizations cannot afford to reward them. A lot of money is being wasted on treatments and therapies that are not as effective as they should be. Once they go out into clinical settings, outcomes a very rarely tracked for a given treatment or therapy.

So, what we’re seeing is the maturing concept of value-based healthcare and an increased acceptance over the last couple of years. But there really is no solution, at the moment, that removes the administrative burden and the barriers to its implementation.

What we want to do is open the door to seamless contracting by removing the need to input outcomes data manually from the provider side. We also want to remove the transactional inefficiencies, or the need for manual processing of agreements between different parties in the healthcare ecosystem. Typically, different patient groups will have different pricing agreements based on their characteristics. Currently, that requires employees dedicated to looking through outcomes, matching them up to certain agreements, and then process the invoicing and so on.

We are using smart contracts to create an automated invoicing system which we hope will remove the administrative and cost burdens associated with this process. A hospital that would use our platform would be able to go into these pricing agreements and customize them to the patient cohorts they are dealing with. If they, for example, have a predominantly elderly population and they’re really concerned about some key performance indicators, they can get agreements with manufacturers or local distributors or suppliers that are based partially on these indicators and the problems they face within their patient cohorts. Where they also benefit is by increased savings on manpower and resource use to implement these agreements.

15. Insurance companies and patients would be the primary benefited from Digipharm, how Digipharma will bring them on board?

We will be in touch with these companies via our network and business development strategy. The education phase about this technology is no longer the biggest issue and now its about finding projects to benefit from together. With regards to patients, we are in contact with several patient groups with great on-boarding rates so far but this is only the first step.

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