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1. Tell us about your background, and how you ended up in $CRYPTO?

Studied Architecture but ended up in IT because of the Financial Crisis in 2008. I ended up in $Crypto because I like to follow the latest tech and innovation. Saw it on the Media back in March 2013. Started investigating it and invested with small amounts. Then I discovered $Altcoins and that changed my life forever.

2. What your regular day looks like?

Waking up; looks at $Crypto prices. Giving a kiss to my wife and daughter and leave to my job. Creating a todo list by looking at USC Group and work. Then I start to work, chart, Twitter shitpost and answer questions all day. Back home I play a little with my daughter and then I continue to chart, answer questions and record a video when I have the time.

3. How you spend all your $CRYPTO profits?

Mainly in stuff which holds their value like Gold, Silver and Real Estate. Putting profits back into Altcoins as well. Besides that; I’m an Audiophile and like gadgets so the next product on my list to buy is the; Devialet Phantom Gold.

4. How will you handle next BTC FUD?

My strategy is to grow my Bitcoin balance. This can be managed with a constant BTC FUD as well. Examples are; Switch a portion to EUR, shorting BTC and investing in Altcoins at the right time. When the FUD storm is ending you can start accumulating Bitcoin again if the Chart shows you strong signals.

5. What your Blockfolio looks like?

I have many altcoins, will bore you with a complete list. My biggest positions now are in Bitcoin, ETC, USDT and ZEC. Don’t worry XEM. I didn’t forget you. You’re on my list.

6. TA wise, how would you indoctrinate your future son to be the best TA analyst?

By let him practice every day. With practicing I don’t mean by trading. But by drawing and backtesting everything he’s learning. I would give him a set of indicators, patterns and tools which is used the most by traders. So he can investigate all these tools by himself. Would only support him when he’s on the edge of giving up.

7. What is USC Investment Group?

A group which have all the tools to educate and help our clients to become a better trader and teaching the Technical Analyses part. Besides understanding TA we provide Fundamental Analyses, rate ICO’s, answer personal questions, give feedback to charts created by our clients. I’m recording video’s explaining the Market Cycle, how to spot Bullish/Bearish reversals at Altcoins so people understand when to invest and when to exit the market. My personal goal with USC Investment is to ENGAGE people to chart and understand the basics so they create the skills to survive this game. It’s an investment in yourself. There are lots of private groups these days. People join in those groups with the hope to make fast money. Let me be clear; People with these intends are going to get disappointed at our group. But at the end they’ll be thankful because they’ll realize that they don’t need any group and can do it all by themselves.

8. Who you hate the most in $CRYPTO? Why?

Jeff Garzik, Roger Ver and Jihan Wu. Because these people don’t like to talk with the community and want to push their own agenda. Everyone has the right to do that, but these people are doing it with intent to hurt/damage the entire community.

9. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?

— Register at Tradingview and start charting ASAP.

— Don’t start with Day trading.

— Stay away from Margin.

— Buy a Trezor or a Ledger to secure your funds.

— Use 2FA.

— Learn what Risk Management is and how you can setup a Stop-loss order.

— Be patient.

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@FatihSK87 is one of the top gun chartist in crypto, a “better-follow-than-sorry” in Twitter. As I said before, learn from the best to be the best.

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₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession.

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