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1. What/who/how brought you to the $CRYPTO sphere aside the profitability?

Dogecoin. I stumbled across it on Reddit and thus began my journey into this space.

2. What are your interests/hobbies outside $CRYPTO?

Writing, reading, pubs and David Attenborough documentaries.

3. Could you elaborate what happened to you on Tuesday?

I was hacked via a remote access Trojan, that gained access to my PC after somehow bypassing my antivirus. This cleared out my local wallets whilst my PC was staking coins overnight. I made the rookie mistake of leaving a copy of my Bittrex 2FA on my PC somewhere, which the hacker evidently also found, because I woke up to an empty Bittrex account too. I never leave backup codes on my PC yet this one slipped by me — I must have copied it down intending to write it down and never did. Regardless, the rookie mistake made a bad situation even worse.

4. How could you have prevented this from happening?

I’m not sure about preventing the remote access Trojan since I have antivirus and a strong firewall etc but I will not be downloading wallets from new coins. As for the Bittrex hack, I just shouldn’t have left a backup 2FA code on my PC.

5. What would be the best $CRYPTO security advice you could give?

Use different email accounts for each exchange, and use a U2F key for those email accounts. Whitelist IP addresses and withdrawal addresses. Don’t download new wallets that seem sketchy just to mine launches. Use a password manager. Don’t use Windows.

6. Preferred weapons (indicators) of choice to do TA and why?

I don’t use any indicators except an SMA200 and volume. No stochastic, no RSI, no bollinger bands, nothing. Just price action.

7. What satisfies you the most in $CRYPTO

The potential for anyone to achieve financial freedom, the innovation and the community.

8. What disgusts you the most in $CRYPTO?

Loops shorting Bitcoin.

9. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?

Learn risk management and security before anything else.

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We can all learn from mistakes others make. We can also help our community champs recover from setbacks like this. Feel free to contribute to Nik’s comeback: 1NA9AWApB1EGZUQo2HNp94TQjQoPMJh6i5

Proof of Nik’s address

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