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#Cryptointerview with @CryptoBully

1. Tell us about your background, and how you ended up in $CRYPTO.

I’m an attorney by trade and practiced corporate law (M&A/Corporate Finance) for several years at a multinational law firm. A few years ago moved in-house to a technology company. I happened to meet an attorney for Coinbase at a networking event and we chatted about the regulatory issues facing digital currencies. The next day I did some research and created a Coinbase account and bought a bunch of ETH at like $7 or something crazy. I liked ETH because it seemed to have a corporate backing and the smart contracting feature. These days I give ETH a lot of grief, but I do think it’s fantastic technology.

Anyways, after a few months I moved some ETH over to Polo to buy some $GNT and it was over. I was hooked. Been shitposting ever since.

2. Your highlight and lowlight moment in $CRYPTO?

Highlight is probably when @msantoriESQ followed me. lol seriously, I think the highlight for me are the great people I’ve met. This space draws passionate, intelligent, confident people. The deeper I go down the rabbithole, the more I recognize that this is the place where I am meant to be.

My lowlight in crypto is probably selling all my $ETH WAAAY too early lol. Seriously, let winners run.

3. How you risk manage your portfolio? How’d you handled latest Segwit 2X FUD?

I’m notorious for poor risk management and typically run a very high alt % of my portfolio. When I first started crypto early this year (2017), I paid back my initial investment within a few months. So all my funds are effectively house money at this point, so I take risks and positions that I would not advise for most people. It’s really a hobby of mine, to take aggressive positions. That said, I try and cut losers VERY quick and let winners run. And for winners I typically take profits on the way up (like 10% a tier — TARGET SIR PLEASE!?!?) and always keep a little bag just in case it goes NUTS (looking at you, ANT).

As for Segwit2X, I was heavy in BTC, since I was planning on playing it the same way as BCH/BTG, i.e. hold BTC until the snapshot and then pile back in alts straight away. But shit changes fast in crypto and you gotta be nimble. So when it was announced that Segwit2x was DOA, I piled back into alts.

4. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?

Cut losers quick.

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5. Biggest fail and what he learned? From @bitcoinbae.

As noted above, it’s probably selling ETH too early.

6. Is he an alcoholic? From @getuppppppppp.

Lol no I just have fun on twitter. Though my drinking proclivities do have an uncanny effect on BTC’s price. If any crypto hedge fund wants me to be their professional drinker, I will entertain reasonable offers.

7. Some of the Best ideas he has seen in crypto? From @mrtiogilito.

I think the ICO (initial coin offering) model, that is developing before our eyes, will revolutionize the private equity space and the way companies raise money.

8. What is his view on quantum computers? From @mrtiogilito.

I read anything ray kurzweil writes and am a longtime lurker on /r/futurology so I love this question. I think quantum computers are a ways from being ready for primetime, but the tech is incredible. As far how quantum computers will affect the crypto space, I have no idea. I can’t even predict what will happen next week in this space (which is a big reason I like it).

9. Ten Best cheap future coins to store and wait a couple of years and why those? From @mrtiogilito.

10?! Nice try. I will say I like $SYS $UBQ $XZC $BTC $GNT $LTC $DRGN — I’ll let you figure out why.

10. What is his method for finding small cap coins about to pop? From @Crypt0b0t.

This is an easy one — follow @cryptomocho and @notsofast.

@CryptoBully Twitter background

@CryptoBully is my fav crypto shitposter in Twitter. Follow him for a good laugh, while you loose all your money to him. What I have learned from him?

— Never get salty on a bad trade.

— Never take yourself too seriously.

— Life is too short to be salty all the time. Too many salty mother fuckers in crypto.

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