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  1. When/who/how brought you to the $CRYPTO sphere aside the profitability?

“I got in to the crypto sphere late October 2013 after reading this article about a friend of a friend. At the time I didn’t actually buy any bitcoins, but I googled a little and found the Pluss 500 trading platform. Aside from buying some stocks the trading scene was new to me. I deposited some fiat and opened a leveraged long. I got lucky. Very lucky. After a little +/- I ended up with 30x on my original deposit. (They actually closed all btc positions and removed the market — I think they were losing money). After that I took some losses trying to trade other markets on Plus 500. When I finally withdrew I used the money to buy actual bitcoins. It didn’t take long before I discovered Cryptsy and altcoins. I was instantly addicted.”

2. What you make of the current China $BTC/ICO situation?

“China bans everything that’s cool so I don’t put too much in to that. Buy in my opinion some regulations on ICOs is not a bad thing. It’s too easy to create an ICO, self-buy the entire thing, get it on an exchange and suddenly millions are created out of thin air.”

3. Your highlight and lowlight moment in $CRYPTO?

“My highlight must be mining POW ninja launches in 2014/2015. Those days were fun, it’s not like that anymore (Some guys, like @notsofast, is still killin’ it though).
My lowlight moment must be turning 15 btc in to 0.5 btc going all in blindly following a bad twitter call. I learned a valuable lesson though.”

4. What are your entrepreneurial fields of interest aside $CRYPTO?

“Finance and accounting. Which are closely tied to the blockchain field. I’m definitely interested in seeing accounting/blockchain integration. There are so many possibilities and we’ve barely scraped the surface.”

5. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?

Thanks all for reading, and to @Crypto_God for his time. Follow me on Twitter, its good for Karma.

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₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession.

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