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  1. How and why you started in crypto?

4 years ago — cashed out a ODMAX EM mutual fund going no where.

2. Can you walk us through your daily trading ritual in details?

Charts First

Social Media Second

3. How you come to the decision to enter a trade, example?

Cloud checklist.

Chart pattern.

4. How you come to the decision to exit a trade, example?

SL from Bill Williams fractals

Just locking in profit at whole numbers.

5. How many trades or positions you typically handle simultaneously?

No specific number, 10–20.

6. Your position in margin trading, any advice for starters?

Either use high margin — helps determine if trading ideas are correct.

Or use no margin — spot eases mistakes.

7. What entrepreneurial fields you are invested in?


8. Your take on BCH and BTC rivalry, who will thrive?

Something built on deceit and propaganda is determined to fail.

9. Who you despise the most in $CRYPTO? Why?

Not going there.

10. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO pips?

Unsure what this means.

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Josh for me is the best Technical Analyst in crypto, check out his videos. As I said many times before, learn from the best to be the best, plain and simple.

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