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1. How you started in $CRYPTO?
I bought my first ~0.5 BTC in Dec 2013, I believe it was one week before reaching $1,100 ATH, with the purpose to actively trade altcoins. My balance got cut in half first trade buying into a pump on BTC-E. Been living in shame ever since.

2. You are the biggest troll in $CRYPTO, what makes you mad/serious bro?Nothing seems to upset you.
Why would I be upset? If all goes well Loops will never work another day in his life. LOL! I like to joke around, but that’s just me saving face when shit goes wrong. I might have laughed off that Litecoin short on Twitter, but I lost some serious money on that one. Sometimes shit happens, but overall there’s no reason to act salty nowadays. There’s a lot of guys in crypto I’ve never met in real life, but I genuinely care for and consider to be my friends. Loops is a loving person.
When it comes to the memes, Bitcoin is a breeding ground for ‘Mister and Misses know-all’ probing for influence. What more can the little guy do but shitpost? Fuck em. They dont want us to win.

3. How you help $CRYPTO noobs?
I try to provide fair answers and respond to most messages I get. I might help in other ways as well if I care enough. I always appreciate people taking the time to reach out, no matter who you are.
I think when you’re new, it’s easy to get ‘lost in the sauce’ with all of us hot-shots biggin’ up eachother on Twitter. But truth is, social media does no longer have the same impact on price-action like it had 2 or 3 years ago. It used to be much easier to position yourself in a trade tweeting some sexy graphs & triangles. Perhaps my point is that as a crypto noob you shouldn’t value other peoples opinions unless they somehow impact your ‘edge’. Most of it is just noise. You’re better of valueing your own opinion and ideas, those are the one you’ll have to live with as a trader.

4. Your highlight and lowlight moment in $CRYPTO?
One of my biggest highlights was running a profitable arbitrage-bot for 5 months or so. The profits might have seemed ‘neglectable’ most of the time, but there were days I’d wake up, go through the logs and run into a nice surprise. Felt very satisfying to ‘consistently outsmart the rest’.
Another thing I’m proud of is that I’ve always stuck to my initial strategy of growing a stack during the downtrend trading altcoins & betting on Bitcoin blowing up — which turned out to be just right. I guess the downside of that strategy was the fact I missed out on the recent altcoin surge. In particular Ethereum. Which was always very obvious to me. But no biggie; “There will always be another one”…

5. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?
If I had to start over today I’d say all it takes is a few $100 USD, patience & a healthy amount of skepticism. Be like Loops. Be a winner.

One thing I love about @22loops is that whatever happens, good or bad in $CRYPTO, this guy would undoubtedly will make you laugh. Be like Loops, never get salty. If you enjoy the read, follow me on Twitter, its good for Karma.

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₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession.

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