Cat City: My experience from the inside.

Many of us have come across in Twitter, with the endless discussions of the “controversial” paid groups. Some crypto “OGs” say they are no good, that noobs should not invest in such a thing, because information is scattered around and is easily accessible, which is true. I was very close myself couple times to join paid groups when I started actively trading in crypto 8 months back.

I wanted to understand from an insider perspective, how was it to be a member of a good paid group, because we all know as in $CRYPTO there are shit Paid Groups/coins and real awesome Paid Groups/coins.

Trolling around in Twitter, I came up with the idea to join a paid group. @Bitcoin_Bryson recommended @Cryptonoobie, which has Cat City (Paid Group). I had received good recommendations previously, but actually didn't know anything in concrete about it.

@Cryptonoobie was gracious enough to grant me access to Cat City for 3 days free of charge, after I explained to him the purpose of my research.

Immediately after accessing the Cat City Slack channel I noticed the proper organization.

Slack Community

Once you access Cat City Slack, you are greeted and a short explanations to each channel is given, so you don’t get lost in the channels within Slack.

I am subscribed to at least +50 groups in Slack, and none of them explain what each Channel contains, this is helpful especially if you´re new to the crypto scene or are IT illiterate.

Additionally for two videos dedicated for members only are offered, Risk Management and Basic Market Psychology. If you starting from scratch in trading, these are a must watch before starting.

Dedicated members only webinars, and Q&A´s sessions are offered for more in depth approach to any questions or doubts you might have. Within any given channel there is always a community member willing to help, doesn't matter the topic.

Currently Cat City has 12 chartists + 5 moderators + @Cryptonoobie who manages the Paid Group. This team is catering to the needs of member, community is capped,“to keep growth sustainable and the interactions healthy”.

Cat City Featured Channels

On top of the “basic” commonalities of crypto paid group were you can easily access and learn about crypto-terminology, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis, trades here and there; Cat City has these really nice featured channels:

  1. Catbot channel: this bot will show you which coins are overbought and oversold on different time frames.
  2. Chartcat channel: this bot will generate a chart of the token you request.
  3. Discussions channel: a channels specifically to review fundamental’s and technical’s of coins.
  4. Requests channel: is dedicated to obtain feedback and thoughs from chartist’s about a coin in specific.

Members Insights

Also had the opportunity to speak to a few members. All comes down to “Why join a pay group?”:

  1. You get quality information from a single source, without the added noise.
  2. Time investment wise is the most efficient way to get valuable information.
  3. You get quality for what you are paying for, members, moderators and chartist’s are concerned that your needs are fulfilled.
  4. On-Demand, if you missed something, you can always go back and check. And ask how many times you need for the information to sink in without being accused of being a crypto illiterate.

@Cryptonoobie commitment

All paid groups should be like Cat City. @Cryptonoobie is committed for the long run to his community, he goes at lengths to get feedback from the community to understand what is going well and what is not. See survey below.

Members of Cat City are happy, a proof of that is the return rate, is really high, wasn't allowed to release this data.


PLEASE remember that all paid groups are not made the same, happens exactly with coins in crypto, some plainly suck, some others are like Bitcoin (reliable). Obviously I have not joined other paid groups, but as far as I have investigated Cat City is as legit paid crypto group goes, and really good one.

If you do not have the time, patience to cope with noise of social media, easily change your mind with a-nobody-opinion, and are willing to invest in learning, then a paid group is for you. This could end up being a really good investment, and probably your best way to enter crypto, if you need reinforcement classes (I needed them in Jr. High School for Chemistry). IMO if you tackle on the paid group and try to learn the most you can in a month, then off you go to try your luck on your own, you could say you went to Crypto school, sort of speak.

As for everything nowadays you want to learn, either you go and pay somebody to teach you, or you just learn on your own. It is that simple.

Is up to you to decide to join one or not. All the information you ever needed to start crypto trading is free and easily accessible. BUT, you will need to invest plenty of time to dig up those valuable resources, trial and error is all it is. Check starters guide for reference.

Don’t even bother about what crypto OGs say. As in all aspects in life, in any given moment we all need training wheels.

For those paid group haters, just be a winner, be like @BTCDJS.


Ohh BTW, @Cryptonoobie you are the best cat ever. Thanks for the access and your insights, you’ve opened my eyes and through you hopefully opened some others.


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