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Bulwark: Q&A

Jack — Marketing Director

1. Bulwark specs and how this translates to English for non-crypto speakers?

Bulwark is many things. With a primary focus on hardware development, the ultimate goal of Bulwark is to build an open cryptocurrency ecosystem. For the non-crypto speaker, I would tell them to think in terms of fiat money in the sense that you can buy virtually anything you want with it, but with important additions such as privacy and anonymity (especially in today’s world where your private data is logged and sold to the highest bidder without you ever knowing it happened). It’s obviously an uphill battle, but we believe that the only way to thrive in crypto is to develop continuously and innovate constantly.

2. Why Bulwark is unique, better than the other coins and why it will thrive?

Bulwark is unique in the fact that we’re doing what no other project plans on doing. While transactional privacy is certainly a concern for the majority of the cryptocurrency market, there doesn’t seem to be a large assortment of privacy based hardware developments to compliment these concerns. Bulwark will thrive because we’ve positioned ourselves to be able to take advantage of what we believe will be a growing market not just in crypto, but in the privacy tech world as well.

3. How will Bulwark simplify the usage of crypto for mass adoption?

While we can all agree that crypto is still in its infancy in regards to adoption, there is one thing that will allow for more people to utilize it in a daily fashion, usability. One of our goals is to build a seamless and simple user experience as well as simple to use scripts that makes reviewing information, sending and receiving coins, and even partaking in the more advanced sectors of the crypto world such as masternodes and staking a breeze for the everyday user.

4. Coding wise, what measures are being taken to guarantee bullet proof and safety of the code being developed and well-being of investors?

Bulwark maintains one of the most active development teams in crypto. We do daily network health tests while constantly maintaining blockchain updates. We also frequently perform load and intrusion testing to develop any flaws so we can preemptively patch them accordingly. With all our developments, we take privacy very seriously and this resonates within all the work we do. With quantum computing on the rise, one of our more active development goals in Year Two will likely be developing resistance to meet this potential threat head on as it becomes more mainstream and publicly accessible.

5. How different is Bulwark from your closest competitor?

Bulwark differs from other masternode projects in the space in that we have not entered the cryptocurrency market as a project that is competing with others. We’re doing something nobody else is doing and we’re leading the trail in developing it accordingly. With a strong belief in open source development, we believe we are far better off sharing and working together with other projects to improve crypto as a whole instead of trying to combat others for a space that is already occupied by dozens of other projects.

6. Who is behind Bulwark? Backgrounds?

Levi is the Project Director of Bulwark. He has 12 years as an IT professional and 10 years of Project Management expertise. His experience includes security, systems, and network installation and maintenance for over 40 large commercial projects and medical facilities.

Jack is the Marketing Director of Bulwark. His 10+ year experience includes project management, logistics, and mediation while assisting in overseeing industrial manufacturing and production for over $5MM in custom hardware annually. While Jack’s background in the industrial sector certainly lends a hand to Bulwark’s current and future endeavors, his passion lies in market trends, analytics, and statistics.

Stu is the Blockchain Developer of Bulwark. He has 25 years experience in programming, engineering, and telecommunications. Stu also has a Doctorate in Business and Project Management and a Master’s Degree in Communications, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering.

Dustin is the Full Stack Developer for Bulwark. He has 10 years as a professional software developer with 7 of those years at the senior level. His experience ranges from the development of distributed systems to single page applications, to architecting entire VOIP based call center solutions.

Patrick is the Brand and Design Manager for Bulwark. He has 10+ years experience in Graphic Design, 5 years in Corporate Branding, 2 years in Product Management, and a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Visual Communication Design.

Kewagi is the Bulwark Software Engineer. He has over a decade of SysOps experience managing Linux servers and has been involved in projects ranging from single-page websites for small companies to large back-office solutions for for over 20 years.

7. How is/was Bulwark funded, Background story?

Bulwark was born out of the beginning of the bull run in 2017. The majority of us had seen the vast expanses of scam coin after scam coin continuously putting marketing and hype creation as an exponentially higher priority than substance. It was in this mindset that we decided we wanted to take crypto back to its roots with the philosophy that we would only bring active development, strong work ethic, and morally positive team members to the community by building a project people can trust.

It was in this ideology that we decided we would take a small premine in an effort to allow us to quit our jobs and work full time on the project, and only benefit financially on the grounds that we do what we say we’re going to do, and continue doing so. The market would decide our price point with no influence from us, and we would fund our project loftier goals with governance only after a year of providing meaningful work on the project to prove that we are worth believing in.

8. Plans for exchanges?

On the tail end of the ICO craze, Exchanges were able to continue charging increasingly exorbitant fees for coin listings and continued to get paid whatever they asked. This unfortunately, never seemed to have corrected itself even eight months into a very financially restrictive bear market. Being a small premine coin, we don’t have the funding available to pay these listings on a consistent basis whereas ICOs have no problem taking people’s money and then just simply redirecting it for every listing opportunity that approaches them. Having said that, one of our responses to this problem is to build an exchange of our own, Bastion. Bastion will provide the ease of use and work ethic that people have come to know and trust from the Bulwark team while providing what we envision as a primary trading platform for our coin. Our intent with Bastion is to provide the opportunity for projects to enjoy a flat listing fee that will not inflate considerably along with the market just because we want to make more money and know ICOs will continuously pay it while leaving the arguably more legitimate projects without millions of dollars in free money at their disposal.

9. What is/will be
Bulwark marketing plan?

Marketing is an interesting subject for us. We’re a team of old school developers with a project born out of a distaste for the greed of the crypto world. As a result, we kept our heads down and worked hard through one of the worst bear markets crypto has seen and elected to forego enhanced marketing campaigns until we felt we had something truly worth investing in with clear and concise goals for the future. Furthermore, while the internet has brought everyone together it has also made the world a *much* bigger place. You have people from all walks of life getting into crypto so you need people from all walks of life who can empathize and be malleable. As for our plan, recently we’ve added six new advisors who will be helping us push forward and also hit as many marketing mediums as possible. We want to stay ahead of the curve and not let the dust settle so-to-speak before we continuously move onto bigger and better things. Expect to see the Bulwark brand a lot more in the future.

10. What the governance of Bulwark will be like by 2020?

The way governance is set up on Bulwark is that, once it begins, 10% of all block rewards will be placed into a superblock that is voted on by masternode owners based on proposals of what the funds will be used for on a monthly basis. Whether that be this December when Governance goes live or two years from now, this figure will remain the same and will be utilized in the same fashion we are intending on upon launch. As for utilization of governance, we don’t envision that changing regardless of how far along we are. We will always be coming up with new ways to improve upon existing developments while coming up with new ones to work on, so governance will always play a role in the direction the project is taken.

11. Please explain Bulwark Hardware products?

The Secure Home Node is our first hardware development. What this device does is allow the user to securely and safely host a Bulwark masternode with TOR routing to prevent potential attacks while also allowing staking, all from the comfort of your own home where you don’t need to trust VPS providers and don’t need to be concerned with leaving your home computer on 24/7. This development is completely open source and can be built by anyone that acquires and assembles compatible hardware.

Aegis will be the second hardware development for Bulwark. The Aegis will be a self contained hardware wallet with open source software. From this perspective, The Aegis will be faster than other hardware wallets on the market, will be multi purpose with cross platform 2FA and, in keeping with our open source ideology, we will be providing templates so that any coin that wants to list on the Aegis platform will be able to do so free of charge so their community can enjoy the benefits. Another very exciting service is that the Aegis will be wireless, so hardwired connections to a central computer will not be necessary.

The third hardware development for Bulwark will be the Citadel. The Citadel will be a router that allows the end user to broadcast a personalized WiFi network at their home while utilizing Bulwark’s masternode network to automatically route all traffic through I2P, providing complete and total privacy to them. While this development in and of itself is impressive, The Citadel will also double as a Secure Home Node in that it will have all the same functionality enjoyed by it. An additional development we are considering has to do with the issue of WiFi availability. Most houses with routers have an irritating dead spot in one or two places. We are researching the potential to develop small WiFi spider repeaters that will automatically connect to The Citadel and spread the available connectivity to those that may need or want it.

12. Why
Bulwark Hardware are better?

In doing market research, we found that there are no other projects attempting to do what we’re doing within the crypto space in reference to the Secure Home Node or The Citadel. The majority of cryptocurrency related hardware are overpriced Raspberry Pi stake boxes that are built solely to turn a profit, with no real emphasis on innovation as well as hardware wallets that are closed source and require listing fees or core development assistance/approval to be able to list on their platforms. Our intention with the Aegis is to provide a faster and more innovative product that we will continue to improve over time while providing an open source that allows any project with the knowledge to be able to add themselves to the Aegis platform.

As far as the Citadel is concerned, there is no hardware to compare it to in the crypto space. In the hardware world in general, there are a couple devices that provide WiFi routing services via Tor, but in our research, all have had a litany of claims including false advertisement as well as troubling security flaws. We endeavor to go above and beyond to create a truly innovative device not just in crypto, but in the hardware sector altogether while providing speed, innovation, and security.

13. Current network statistics and growth analysis?

At the time of writing, Bulwark currently has 1,153 masternodes on the network. While we have been seeing consistent growth in new people joining the project, given our recent events, a growth analysis may not be the most appropriate figure to determine at this time. When we first went from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, we utilized SeeSaw to assist in providing incentive to balance the network and provide liquidity by offering a swinging scale of rewards to both masternodes and staking depending on how much of current supply is locked in masternodes at any given time. The issue we found with this is that with such a number being pulled each block, it was not being distributed fast enough across the network and resulted in less than stellar network stability as a result. Given our desire to continue providing a stable network, we elected to remove SeeSaw and adopt a 65% Masternode, 35% Staking structure instead. Since then, we have seen a 14% increase in network masternodes on a weekly basis rather consistently.

14. Please share the tokenomics for

● Utility within the Ecosystem

● Resists Inflationary Pressures

● Is Scalable/Denominational

● Is A Store of Value

● Is Fungible

● Is Acceptable to the People at Large

● Is Traded on an Exchange

15. How much funds does the core team has in budget for development and marketing?

Utilization of funds

● 50% Research & Development

● 25% Marketing & Promotion

● 10% Administration

● 10% Technology Infrastructure

● 5% Legal

The first time I heard about Bulwark was through GIN, when Bulwark was listed as a Tier 1 MasterNode. Didn’t even thought about getting BWK MN at first because, Tier 1 MN are usually quite expensive in GIN, until I saw the chart 😍. ATH = $16.50, ATL = $0.62, When I discovered= ~ $0.75, Now = $1.08.

Going more in depth of the thing I look at for Fundamental Analysis:

+Top 100 addresses, all are close to less <1% of total supply, quite surprising.

+Wallet looks clean, not really similar to any I have seen.

+Explorer has lots of useful information.

+Go to their website…

+And tell me it’s not one of the nicest you’ve seen of a MN coin.

+Also found this from @OmniAnalytics:

+Number 2, after Dashpay, and ahead of PIVX and Zcoin… tell me that ain’t quality project!

I am now an advisor at Bulwark, I have done my research and due diligence on the project, I am convinced of the project will be a success; but you should not trust what I am writing here as I am convinced already.

This is not a financial advise and you should do your own research on Bulwark before investing on it, and understand if you are willing to lose this investment, as there is always risk in innovative markets as, technology, fintech, and cryptocurrencies, due to regulations, geopolitical issues, and what not.

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