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Aluna.Social: Q&A

1. What is Aluna.Social?

  • Hard to keep in touch with trusted people and be notified about their trades
  • Different interfaces across exchanges
  • Too many social channels to watch
  • Hardly any connection between social networks and real trading data, for instance ‘how do I check if someone on twitter is actually a good trader?‘’
  • Different websites for signals that can’t put the trades automatically on your accounts
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  • You can build up your reputation, and get recognized for your trading achievements
  • Earn extra income as you earn rewards for sharing profitable trades and climbing the leader board, and winning our monthly trading competitions
  • Aluna enables you to view the performance and real-time trading data and history of other traders, therefore you can learn from their trades and insights and potentially choose to automatically copy trades
  • We can add more exchanges as they become more relevant while keeping the same smooth user experience
  • Novel token integrations that re-think incentive mechanisms
  • Our reward mechanisms and gamified platform constantly incentivise users to share good trades and invite new users to join the platform
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