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Alteum: Q&A

Latin America crypto space is a vast blue ocean for investors, with plenty of potential in the years to come as it is an untapped market, it makes less than 1% of the total crypto trading volume worldwide. Demographics look promising given that it’s a young region, facing a unique opportunity. One quarter of the Latin American population — 163 million citizens –- are aged between 15 and 29. This demographic setting opens a window of opportunity for inclusive growth in the region, and represents a potential driver of value creation to support future adoption in public and private organizations.

2. How Alteum came to be?

Alteum started as a dream in 2016, I was certain that blockchain would bring tremendous benefits to our latin societies regarding government transparency, but more important making services more accessible, secure, cheap and fair for those who don’t have access to such services today, we wanted to be the vehicle so that this opportunities where enabled for everyone to decide and, eventually, fulfill their self-realization within an acceptable standard of living. My vision of the future is that success will not be a matter of destiny but a matter of choice in the coming years.

3. Why Alteum is unique, and why it will thrive?

Alteum is not only a coin or an exchange or even a platform, it’s an end to end blockchain organization which was created to fulfill the untapped market demand for the use of this innovation in the latin american territory. We want to anchor the adoption of this technology and provide services and solutions that will create an improvement in the consumer standard and eventually bring benefits to our society.

It will thrive simply because we are building a global brand with the right organization, the right people and the right culture. Another important approach is that we will be working shoulder to shoulder with governments, NGOs, and education institutions in order to create urgency and embrace the change that is most needed today. In the operational side we will have a world class exchange with a wide offer of coins, crypto ETFs, loans, dividends and fiat gateways with most of the national latin currencies through local partnerships as well as an ICO accelerator, we will bring the best projects onboard to our exchange and expose them to the global traders. We want to show the world that the latin talent can also shine.

4. Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

The Alteum dream was started by two latin entrepreneurs who understood that cryptography was the “code of god” that latin countries societies had been asking for. Both founders background have a perfect alignment to make the Alteum organization succeed and become the blockchain organization of choice in latin america.

On one side Victor has had a long career in fast moving consumer goods with wide experience in supply chain, retail and commerce organizations with strong competencies in the finance and human resources functions, being Heineken his last employer, this business experience is critical in the execution of the Alteum strategy.

On the other hand, Javier has vast experience in the public sector and owner of SUMEX, the first private energy retailer in Mexico. His experience in government relations and corporate affairs are the key to open the doors in the latin countries to bring blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the people who are in most need.

5. Competitors in the Latin America?

Although there are many local brokers offering trading services they are limited to just that, offering a trading platform with expensive fees and basic UX. We will compete in the global arena rather than the local one, so we want to attract investors of every part of the world. We are right on track, so far we have whitelisted more than 40 nationalities. We will be the NEO of Latin America.

6. Can you provide specifics on how the roadmap looks for 2018?

We begin with our exchange which is fully done. Although we have been operating the exchange since February with a small community for testing and learning purpose, we will formally do the kick off the 1st of April, making this is a major milestone for Alteum. Next we will activate the Alteum Steering Committee represented by CEO, Management Team (MT) and financial advisors, who are responsible of the resources allocation. After this we start activating the other business units, Alteum Alpha fund which will enable ETF trading in the exchange by September, and will open to the external public too.

Ateum foundation will be enabled in our ecosystem during Q3 2018 given the pre work and lobbying that has to be done prior to launching it. Finally we will activate our accelerator, which is set to Q4 2018, however, given the unexpected request we have received lately to support upcoming ICOs we may be forced to launch ahead of schedule. In parallel, the R&D for the Alteum Blockchain development will be activated in June and we expect to have it ready after 10–12 months. The roadmap is quite aggressive but we will make sure that everything is done in a responsible time frame.

7. What is/will be Alteum marketing plan?

We have one objective regarding marketing and it is to have the Alteum brand on top of mind when thinking of blockchain and Latin America. We want Alteum to be associated as the latin blockchain organization by 2020 to the eyes of the world. In order to achieve this there is a marketing strategic plan for both social and traditional media. We will be part of global alliances, we are currently being invited to several blockchain NGOs around the world and we are in the process of understanding and selecting the ones that we can leverage on. We will create the LATAM Blockchain Organization to incorporate and harbor new blockchain projects and companies to create a solid alliance to promote the development of this innovation.

8. Long road to crypto-evangelization in the most resistant market to tech-innovation, how will it be done?

Resistance to change is going to be a big challenge, as it creates uncertainty. But, I believe we have cracked the code to overcome this and it will be done through the Alteum Foundation. By selling the benefits of blockchain to organizations, it will be easier for the people to adopt this innovation. I believe that it will be anchored faster than we think, given the fact that it will create a big gap in competitive advantage for those who embrace it first versus those who don’t. Blockchain will disrupt the market and eventually everyone will be in the need to install this innovation in their organization value creation model, which in turn will create more demand for their products and services. We just need one to start, trigger and induce change by teaching companies how to do it.

9. Exchange wise, how it will compete with behemoths?

We are facing nearly 9,000 active markets as of today, but, the vast majority are trading platforms with a limited offer. On the other side, there are others who are doing a remarkable job in changing the rules of the game, and we are taking the best bit of each. First, we will work closely with local governments to have fiat gateways active for every latin currency where their regulation allow us to, as well as global competitive fees to both individual and corporate accounts. Having a wide variety of coins will also attract the more experienced traders. We will be adding between 10 and 15 coins per month to have a competitive offer, coins that will play a transcendental role in consumers and society. I believe exchange in the future will be financial marketplaces. For that, we will be adding crypto ETFs, Loans and important trading features, however, we will be adding more as the market evolves. We will make of the AUM coin the trading pair of choice of all national currencies in our region.

10. How will the ICO funds be invested?

We have three scenarios regarding the amount raised, which will define the pace of time, regional scope and new features accessibility. Having all the latin countries currencies is just one of a big cost we carry in licensing and legal regulations so most of the money will be destined to open doors in all latin countries. With a poor scenario we will do only Mexico and Brasil, where with a full budget we will do every country. To develop our own blockchain protocol we will need either to raise the entire ICO funding or to increase our marketing spend to accelerate the exchange adoption and generate profits faster. Should the ICO fall short of existing the hardcap, the percentage of funds directed to the exchange pillar and it implementation will remain as projected, the other pillars will receive slightly less. The exchange being our largest and most immediate source of revenue short to mid-term. As well, it brings an audience with it that will help generate investment for the remaining pillars of revenue. On the fixed cost the two more important are personnel expenses which represents nearly 20% of hard cap and marketing cost of positioning the Alteum brand throughout Latin America which represents roughly 10% of the total hard cap, we believe that we must have the best talent available but also the brand has to have a bold presence in order to accelerate and develop new revenue models in a constant basis.

11. Can you explain the vesting of the core team funds will work?

We created the vesting for performance model, looking to have the fairest vesting model as possible for all contributors. Our vesting is designed on a two axis scheme, x (time) and y (coin value) for private investors, advisors and Alteum future financing. This aims to incentivize the team to pursue the creation of value through the entire ecosystem. Vesting will be done (1) gradually once the coin increases 2x, 3x and 5x the ICO value (x axis) and (2) after the 30 day moving average is above the price (y axis). Price targets to unlock coins will be made official after ICO is closed.

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Víctor F. Navarro on

I am utterly excited about Alteum, spearheading crypto/blockchain adoption and awareness in Latin America. I am from Latin America for those who don't follow me that closely, or just suck at geography.

Alteum will be the one-stop, end to end crypto/blockchain solution for Latin American countries: from fiat bridge to crypto, crypto exchange, crypto business incubator (ICO, mining, ATMs), to crypto lending…

Bridging the gap of slow to fast adoption is a beautiful sight for my sore eyes. If you know Latin American idiosyncrasy as I do, you would know that technology innovation and adoption is probably the slowest here than across the globe. Alteum will be the panacea of Latin America crypto/blockchain deficiency.

If you enjoy the read, follow me on Twitter, is good for Karma.

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₿itcoin, tech innovation, drones. Industrial engineer by education, marketing degenerate by profession.

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