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My background is quite diverse. From being a too addicted gamer during my childhood, I migrated to the world of poker when I was at the age of around 18. My goal back then was to become a professional poker player but still I followed my interest in different cultures by doing my bachelor’s in Latin American Studies and Archaeology. When I finished my bachelor, I still did not become fully professional in poker so to escape the routine of the hamster wheel the only way was to found my own business. To learn the right skills, I did an internship at Eversnap, a Silicon Valley based startup and when I came back to Germany I did a masters in Entrepreneurship and founded Streamstars UG in 2015. Back then, our focus was around YouTube influencer marketing for video games but quickly I realized that my passion is not in YouTube or Influencer Marketing, but much rather in blockchain technology, as I spent most of my time researching this new technology trying to grasp its concepts better and better with every day. Quite soon I realized I wanted to contribute to this approaching era of decentralization and after having taken a look at many different crypto projects and evaluating realistic possibilities within, the idea of Age of Chains was born. Therein, I am combining all my passions — mainly for space, anthropology, blockchain, video gaming, trading, card games.

Enrico is our CTO. He possesses a great deal of experience as a senior game developer across a number of reputable gaming studios, such as Zynga and Wooga. He helped titles such as FarmVille2, Call of Duty and Dark Orbit to major success, the last one reaching more than 93 million player accounts. Enrico makes sure that the technical realization of the game meets the high requirements we set ourselves.

Waldemar is working on the lore from the side of the Andromeda galaxy. He has been an old friend of mine whom I told about Age of Chains during one of our poker sessions. Ever since, he has been very contributional not only on the lore side but also throughout the playtesting sessions that we had so far. He has a professional background in Biomedical Engineering in both academic and practical environments and great passion for board and card games as well as fantasy novels.

Also, we carefully select the illustrators that we are working together with for making sure we deliver the quality and atmosphere desired. Additionally, a variety of community members have been offering their support in the areas of web and community development. We are also a graduate company from the Founder Institute and thus have access to a global network of mentors and fellow graduates that we can reach out to any time.

2. What is Age of Chains?

Simply said, Age of Chains is a player versus player 1on1 blockchain trading card video game based on Counterparty that is being developed by Streamstars UG, a Berlin based company.

We are developing an intergalactic universe that relates to the concepts of decentralization and centralization. We carry crypto in our heart and believe in the positive power that decentralized technologies can contribute to society.

We are self-funded and mainly rely on card sales to finance the development of this endeavour. The cards are going to be used for crafting powerful decks within the Age of Chains game so you can beat your buddy with your favorite crypto related characters.

3. What it is Age of Chains Vision? How it’s coming along?

As a player, you find yourself in an environment billions of years in the future at the time where our galaxy collides with the Andromeda galaxy. Throughout time, the children (blockchains) of today have become powerful entities peacefully inhabiting our galaxy that now clashes with the totalitarian regime of Andromeda, leading to a clash of intergalactic cultures as never seen before.

We hope that people playing the game will reach a deeper understanding around crypto and decentralization. Some of our cards represent certain blockchains. For example if you play L’ourn, Hidden Defender of Monero, you quickly will understand the main attributes of the blockchain behind the character.

If you want to learn more about our lore, I recommend to check this blog post of ours diving deeper into the vision behind Age of Chains.

4. How can I acquire Age of Chains cards?

The Series 2 presale is currently live and you can buy them through our card shops linked on our website at:

We are constantly coming out with new cards so it is well worth it to check back once in a while as each card is only sold in a limited quantity and sometimes may sell out fast.

The Series 1 presale already ended but you can already find our cards being traded on the Book of Orbs app (Android) or Indiesquare Wallet (iOS) and possibly get the missing Series 1 cards there.

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5. How different will Age of Chains be from other games?

While the game mechanics have inspiration from Hearthstone, Magic, Dota and many other video games, we still made sure that the gameplay is truly unique and fun.

Nowadays there are many collective card games where you cannot trade or own your cards. In Age of Chains, each card is its own blockchain token based on Counterparty and thus exists only in a limited quantity. You are able to own and trade your cards with other players.

We also put lots of work in each of our illustrations to ensure the quality standard we strive for is well met. To gain a little taste of cosmic crypto art, I recommend checking out the detail richness of our illustrations within the gallery on our website:

6. What lays ahead in the short/long term for Age of Chains?

We are currently working on a web based prototype of our game that will be accessible to a limited quantity of our community. We want to get our game as fast as possible in the hands of our early adopters as obtaining and implementing feedback is a crucial factor to our success.

Long term, there are many directions we could take but for now the goal is an epic game that contributes to the positive change that blockchain technology has in our present world.

7. How dates wise does the roadmap look?

I expect that we can get the prototype finished until spring 2018 but bear in mind that as with any roadmaps in the world of crypto, it usually takes longer than anticipated. This is why I mostly restrain from orienting too much around specific dates. We have a clear goal and it is most important for us that our creation meets the quality we pursue, rather than throwing something quick on the market.

8. Any plans for an ICO or funding means for the game development?

We currently fund the whole project solely through our card sales and are grateful to have a community that even at this early stage already grasps the full potential of our vision. There most likely will not be an ICO in the way you are used to it, but there could be a presale of card packs happening at some point.

9. Why will Age of Chains be better than the rest?

We live crypto and aim to constantly improve ourselves. We have a unique vision that we are pursuing together with our community that contributes to a great extent to the success of the project.

In a parallel universe I was once an artist, and used blockchain as a trading medium. But a real project like Age of Chains, already exists, so no need to keep dreaming.

Go check them out you geeks, you know you want to. Age of Chains. Many thanks Kilian for your time, may the art and the blockchain bring you prosperity.

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