I hosted an AMA for API3 team on t.me/panamacrypto on January 12th 2021 at 5PM UTC. Burak Benligiray, Saša Milić participated from API3; and myself as moderator. Below are the questions and answers from the resulting AMA:

1. We all heard about Chainlink and its success, but most of us don’t know the basics, so let’s start with an ELI5, more so, it would be nice to receive explanations in a “noob friendly” way, rather than using buzz words and tech explanations which most people won’t understand. …


I hosted an AMA for Aluna.Social team on t.me/panamacrypto on December 7th 2020 at 2PM UTC. Alvin Lee, Henrique Matias participated from Aluna.Social; and myself as moderator. Below are the questions and answers from the resulting AMA:

1. Do an ELI5 on what Aluna is and what is trying to achieve.


Aluna is a gamified social trading terminal that rewards top traders and enables beginners to learn from and auto-copy the world’s best traders.

This is achieved by combining a multi-exchange trading terminal and a social network with gamification elements. Users can manage multiple exchange accounts in one place…


I hosted an AMA for YFDAI team on t.me/panamacrypto on November 4th 2020 at 2PM UTC. Tapas Paul (CEO), Christof Waton (Business Development), and Philip Dow (Head Advisor) participated from YFDAI; and myself as moderator. Below are the questions and answers from the resulting AMA:

1. YFDAI is currently trending as one of the deficiencies that capitalizes the market, can you explain a little bit apart from staking, farming and borrowing whether there are other uses for YFDAI?

Sure. YFDAI is a full Suite DeFi platform that has staking, farming, lending/Borrowing, prediction markets and also a full Ecommerce suite to…


I wrote Starters guide for crypto trading “v1.0” back in September 2017, decided to update it and improve it, good for noobs and good reminder for the not so new.

BEFORE you start reading, if you want to be a profitable crypto trader, you must be willing to spend considerable months if not years, learning the skills of the trade. NO ONE WILL SPOON FEED YOU! You might join a pump and dump group (might see profits, but not in the long run), or a paid group to teach you the skills (might not fulfill your thirst of knowledge, or it might not be for you). At the end of the day, there is nothing more satisfactory to learn on your own.

I am mesmerized by the ability of Bitcoin…

Alvin Lee — Co-founder

1. What is Aluna.Social?

Aluna.Social is a Multi-exchange Social Trading Terminal for cryptocurrency traders and investors. It is a place where traders can share information with anyone all over the world, to help each other make better gains on the platform, and where investors can automatically copy those traders.

User can connect multiple exchange accounts on our platform using their API KEYs and manage all of their accounts in one place (we are not an exchange ourselves).

Each user has a public profile with their real-time trading data and history, so users can check the performance of other traders and…

1. So many blockchains projects focused on scalability, why Phore is the answer?

Phore’s vision is to provide a global cryptocurrency platform to enable individuals and businesses to create and use blockchain solutions. This requires a highly decentralized platform that can be scaled up enough with mass adoption to handle global transaction volumes, without making big sacrifices to security, cost or performance.

This is one of several reasons we chose to build our upcoming Synapse architecture. Our current architecture started out with a theoretical capacity of about 70 transactions per second (tps), which increased to up to double that amount…

Ben Zhou — CEO and founder

1. Who is Ben Zhou?

My previous background was in retail forex. I ran an FX broker for 8 years before founding Bybit in early 2018. I got into cryptocurrency in 2016 and after getting to understand enough about it, I saw many inefficiencies with the current derivative trading landscape. It became obvious to me that traders were not getting the best trading experience, basic order executions were not up to standard, there was poor customer support and the overall trading experience was not satisfactory. …

Sandeep Nailwal — Co-founder & COO and Chandresh Aharwar — VP — Operations & Marketing.

1. So many blockchains projects focused on scalability, why Matic is the answer?

As the most pertinent problem facing blockchain today, it’s no surprise that a plethora of scaling solutions tackle the scalability conundrum each in their own way.

However, current scaling endeavors offer only a partial solution due to limited functionality, poor user experience or their sacrificing of decentralization for the sake of performance. Unlike other scaling solutions, Matic Network is committed to achieving massive scale alongside decentralization by utilizing checkpoints for 1-second block times and fraud proofs for security on its enhanced version of the Plasma framework.


1. What is Mochimo and the Peach Algorithm?

Mochimo is a 100% Original Development coin with no presale or ICO. This cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange governed by a Proof-of-Work-based Nakamoto consensus network. The system is fully decentralized and overcomes many of the problems associated with modern cryptocurrencies. Mochimo came into existence because cryptocurrencies have, so far, failed to perform as actual digital money. Mochimo is designed to fix that problem with its considerable arsenal of patented technological innovations, making it possible for true digital money to exist in a cryptocurrency system. Our first custom-made PoW algorithm (called Trigg’s…

Joseph Bryce Hart — Co-Founder & CEO

1. Why gaming crypto?

The gaming industry is experiencing exponential growth with over nearly 2 billion gamers worldwide and the buying power of this market is estimated at approximately $135 billion USD annually. There are several major problems with the way the publishers produce games including: 100% centralized governance and ownership, lack of accountability and transparency, account-bound items, and dead-end investments. Both blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can solve some, if not all of these issues.

By decentralizing ownership of assets or in-game items, backed by a fungible currency, gamers can partake in a game economy and ecosystem that is traceable…

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