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I hosted an AMA for YFDAI team on on November 4th 2020 at 2PM UTC. Tapas Paul (CEO), Christof Waton (Business Development), and Philip Dow (Head Advisor) participated from YFDAI; and myself as moderator. Below are the questions and answers from the resulting AMA:

1. YFDAI is currently trending as one of the deficiencies that capitalizes the market, can you explain a little bit apart from staking, farming and borrowing whether there are other uses for YFDAI?

Sure. YFDAI is a full Suite DeFi platform that has staking, farming, lending/Borrowing, prediction markets and also a full Ecommerce suite to include debit cards, market places etc. …

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I wrote Starters guide for crypto trading “v1.0” back in September 2017, decided to update it and improve it, good for noobs and good reminder for the not so new.

BEFORE you start reading, if you want to be a profitable crypto trader, you must be willing to spend considerable months if not years, learning the skills of the trade. NO ONE WILL SPOON FEED YOU! You might join a pump and dump group (might see profits, but not in the long run), or a paid group to teach you the skills (might not fulfill your thirst of knowledge, or it might not be for you). At the end of the day, there is nothing more satisfactory to learn on your own.

I am mesmerized by the ability of Bitcoin and also crypto-currencies to polarize general public opinion. Most say its a fad, a Ponzi scheme; the rest of us see it as the future of interchanging goods through a digital asset (also many other applications which I will omit). …

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Alvin Lee — Co-founder

1. What is Aluna.Social?

Aluna.Social is a Multi-exchange Social Trading Terminal for cryptocurrency traders and investors. It is a place where traders can share information with anyone all over the world, to help each other make better gains on the platform, and where investors can automatically copy those traders.

User can connect multiple exchange accounts on our platform using their API KEYs and manage all of their accounts in one place (we are not an exchange ourselves).

Each user has a public profile with their real-time trading data and history, so users can check the performance of other traders and learn from them, hopefully improving their own trading strategy. This creates a transparent environment that invites constant scrutiny from participants, generates a positive social feedback loop, and improves the community’s trading performance. …

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Andrey Zhulin, CEO

CEO’s intro:

Andrey Zhulin — experienced tech entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Insolar.

Before Insolar Andrey co-founded Instamart, one of the largest venture backed delivery services in Eastern Europe which continue growing 3x year-on-year, and has a team of over 600 employees.

Before Instamart, Andrey worked as Vice President at Siguler Guff, one of the largest private equity and venture capital funds headquartered in New York, investing in dozens of technology companies in the US, Europe and China. …

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1. So many blockchains projects focused on scalability, why Phore is the answer?

Phore’s vision is to provide a global cryptocurrency platform to enable individuals and businesses to create and use blockchain solutions. This requires a highly decentralized platform that can be scaled up enough with mass adoption to handle global transaction volumes, without making big sacrifices to security, cost or performance.

This is one of several reasons we chose to build our upcoming Synapse architecture. Our current architecture started out with a theoretical capacity of about 70 transactions per second (tps), which increased to up to double that amount (140 tps) when we integrated SegWit. However, that is still not nearly enough to handle mass adoption on a global scale, especially when handling advanced and potentially large smart contract transactions. …

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Yuriy Gerasimov, CEO

1. What is Membrana?

Membrana is an ecosystem for trading and for assets under management.

2. What is the mission and vision of Membrana?

Membrana reinvented the idea of assets under management — bringing that level of transparency and safety, that can only be achieved with blockchain and smart-contract technology.

3. What are Membrana business models? How could I make money from Membrana?

On the MBN platform, there are many business opportunities for a user. He can act as a trader and use MBN tokens to unlock multiple advanced features and access worldwide network that is established on the platform. He can receive funds for management and get a performance-based commission, he can lock a certain amount of MBN tokens to leverage his assets and have a margin trading with altcoins on any exchange. He can compete with other traders in competitions, showing his skills and earning cash prizes. He can hold some tokens and join Community Operated Fund (COF) to be part of the pool of traders, who manage a combined pool of assets of the community and Membrana company. What’s important, all of the trades are stored in the blockchain with MBN’s Proof-of-Trade system, that allows users to have verified trading history and ROI. This is a much-needed thing for a user, who chooses to act as an investor and joined MBN platform to receive passive income. In this case, he can safely trust his assets for a single trader or a fund, setting up all the restrictions for trading pair allowed and setting boundaries for risk-management and maximum loss. All these conditions are deployed into smart-contract and execute automatically. Also, for an investor, there are few risk-less opportunities such as lending and staking — where the investor receives his rewards in MBN tokens and ETH (ETH rewards comes from the profit of the Community Operated Fund). …

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Ben Zhou — CEO and founder

1. Who is Ben Zhou?

My previous background was in retail forex. I ran an FX broker for 8 years before founding Bybit in early 2018. I got into cryptocurrency in 2016 and after getting to understand enough about it, I saw many inefficiencies with the current derivative trading landscape. It became obvious to me that traders were not getting the best trading experience, basic order executions were not up to standard, there was poor customer support and the overall trading experience was not satisfactory. …

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Sandeep Nailwal — Co-founder & COO and Chandresh Aharwar — VP — Operations & Marketing.

1. So many blockchains projects focused on scalability, why Matic is the answer?

As the most pertinent problem facing blockchain today, it’s no surprise that a plethora of scaling solutions tackle the scalability conundrum each in their own way.

However, current scaling endeavors offer only a partial solution due to limited functionality, poor user experience or their sacrificing of decentralization for the sake of performance. Unlike other scaling solutions, Matic Network is committed to achieving massive scale alongside decentralization by utilizing checkpoints for 1-second block times and fraud proofs for security on its enhanced version of the Plasma framework.

Matic chains are based on an account based EVM (inspired by Plasma MoreVP) and support ERC721 in addition to ERC20 tokens, along with asset swaps right out of the box. This makes Matic the go-to platform for deploying Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications in particular. As a general purpose platform, however, our blockchain agnostic infrastructure is capable of housing a limitless array of Dapp types, and we are keenly focused on gaming as well as welcoming of all Dapps which stand to further the decentralized movement. …

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1. What is Mochimo and the Peach Algorithm?

Mochimo is a 100% Original Development coin with no presale or ICO. This cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange governed by a Proof-of-Work-based Nakamoto consensus network. The system is fully decentralized and overcomes many of the problems associated with modern cryptocurrencies. Mochimo came into existence because cryptocurrencies have, so far, failed to perform as actual digital money. Mochimo is designed to fix that problem with its considerable arsenal of patented technological innovations, making it possible for true digital money to exist in a cryptocurrency system. Our first custom-made PoW algorithm (called Trigg’s Algorithm) was ported onto FPGAs a few months ago by a private company, rendering GPU miners unprofitable. We asked our community to decide which path Mochimo should follow: become an all-FPGA/ASIC network like Bitcoin or remain a CPU/GPU project. The community unanimously decided to boot FPGAs/ASICs off the network, so the team set to work developing a new algorithm (code-named “Peach”). …

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Or Perelman- Co-Founder & COO

1. What is Chromia?

Chromia is a relational blockchain platform designed to enable a new generation of dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible.

2. What is the mission and vision of Chromia?

Chromia (by ChromaWay) is a new blockchain platform for decentralized applications, conceived in response to the shortcomings of existing platforms and designed to enable a new generation of dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible. Chromia is both a blockchain and a relational database. …


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